Prince of Wales' Division

The Prince of Wales's Division is a British Army command, training and administrative apparatus designated for all land force units in the West of England and Wales.


The Prince of Wales's Division was formed in 1968 with the union of the Mercian Brigade, Welsh Brigade and Wessex Brigade. The depot was established at Whittington Barracks in Staffordshire.[1]

Under the restructuring announced in 2004, the Prince of Wales's Division was reorganised into two large regiments:[2]

The Division maintained a regular army band, The Band of The Prince of Wales Division through the amalgamation of the two former divisional bands, the Clive Band and the Lucknow Band.[4]

Under the Army 2020 reorganisation, the 3rd Battalion, Mercian Regiment (Staffords) and the 2nd Battalion, Royal Welsh (Royal Regiment of Wales) will both be disbanded, while the Royal Irish Regiment (27th (Inniskilling), 83rd, 87th and Ulster Defence Regiment) will be transferred to the administration of the Prince of Wales' Division.[5]

Past Units

Past units include:[6]


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