Prince associates

Prince worked with dozens of musicians and performers over his career and gave songs to a diverse array of artists. However, this list of protégés and associates include only those to whom Prince contributed a significant portion of material, or who are former bandmates, well known for their association with Prince.

Former band members notes Associated acts notes
94 East
  • Prince was a guitarist for this band in the mid-1970s

Apollonia 6

Michael Bland
Tommy Barbarella
  • New Power Generation keyboardist from 1991–1996

Tevin Campbell

Andre Cymone
  • Bassist for backing band from 1979–1980
  • Prince wrote and produced "The Dance Electric" for his 1985 album AC
Ingrid Chavez
  • She provided vocals on several of Prince's albums and acted in Graffiti Bridge
  • Prince produced a 1991 album for her, which included five songs he co-wrote.
Morris Day
  • Day was in a high school band with Prince and Andre Cymone
  • He later became lead singer in The Time, rumored as a favor for letting Prince have credit for the song "Partyup".
Margie Cox
  • A long-time associate, contributing to various projects for Prince and associated artists
Dez Dickerson
  • Guitarist for the Revolution from 1979–1983
  • Dickerson was the Vice President of A&R with the CCM label Starsong Communications
  • founded his own label, Absolute Records, a Christian-rock record company
Sheena Easton
Candy Dulfer
  • Prince wrote the song "Sunday Afternoon" on her album Sax-a-Go-Go
  • She has been an on/off member in his backing bands since 1989
Carmen Electra
  • Back-up dancer on tours and music videos during the early 1990s, it was then that Prince created her stage name
  • Prince produced her self-titled 1993 album
Sheila E.
  • Sheila had 3 albums produced by Prince in the 1980s
  • She later joined his band as drummer from 1987–1989
  • The two still work together on occasion.
T.C. Ellis
  • Rapped on Graffiti Bridge album and the "New Power Generation" single
  • Prince produced several songs for his 1991 solo album, True Confessions
Doctor Fink
  • Keyboardist for the Revolution (and beyond) from 1979–1990
  • Credited as co-writer on several Prince tracks
The Family
  • Short-lived funk band formed by Prince in 1985 as a possible successor to The Time
  • Performed the original version of "Nothing Compares 2 U"
Rosie Gaines
  • NPG vocalist and organist from 1990–1992, and as a guest since
  • Prince produced a song for her 1995 solo album
Elisa Fiorillo
  • Prince and Levi Seacer, Jr. produced her album I Am in 1990, which spawned the two singles "On the Way Up" and "Oooh This I Need"
Mayte Garcia
  • Ex-wife and former bandmember, providing backing vocals and stage dancing
  • Had a 1995 album Child of the Sun produced by Prince
Clare Fischer
Cat Glover Jimmy Jam
  • Former keyboardist for The Time
  • Formed a hit producing team with Terry Lewis
Larry Graham
  • Bass player for Sly and the Family Stone
  • Occasional NPG bassist and Prince's spiritual guide
  • Prince produced his 1999 album GCS2000
Jesse Johnson
  • Former guitarist of The Time
  • Covered a 98 East song on his Shockadelica album
  • Prince wrote a song based on the album's title
Morris Hayes
  • NPG keyboardist from 1992–1999
Chaka Khan
Jill Jones
  • Unofficial vocalist for the Revolution on 1999 album and related videos
  • Had a self-titled album produced by Prince in 1987.
Patti LaBelle
  • Has had several songs written and produced by Prince, including her 1989 hit, "Yo Mister", as well as "Love 89" and "I Hear Your Voice"
Eric Leeds
  • Saxophonist for Madhouse and the Revolution (and beyond) from 1986–1989
  • Has provided brass and flute for many years since
  • Had a 1991 album produced by Prince
Terry Lewis
  • Former bassist for The Time
  • Formed a hit producing team with Jimmy Jam
Maceo Parker Madhouse
  • Jazz band formed by Prince in 1987
  • Recorded two albums in 1987, 8 and 16, as well as many unreleased tracks
  • The band recorded another unreleased album in 1993, yet several songs were made public
Bobby "Z" Rivkin
  • Drummer for the Revolution from 1979–1986
  • Contributed a song for The Family
Levi Seacer, Jr.
  • Bassist from 1987–1990
  • Switched to guitarist from 1991–1993
  • Collaborated on many projects with Prince
  • Band was founded by Brownmark but Prince later became involved and produced several songs for their 1986 album
  • They were also originally given the songs "Kiss" and "Jerk Out" which were later reclaimed by Prince and The Time, respectively
Sonny Thompson
  • NPG bassist from 1990–1996
  • Provided bass for the title track of 3121 and Planet Earth
Mavis Staples
  • Had two albums produced by Prince (1989 and 1992)
  • Performed "Melody Cool" and provided vocals for several Graffiti Bridge tracks
Wendy and Lisa
  • Guitarist from 1983–1986 and keyboardist from 1980–1986, respectively
  • Also composed much material with Prince while members of the Revolution
Jevetta Steele
  • Had several songs produced by Prince
  • Contributed vocals to many of his tracks, both solo and as a member of The Steeles
The Steeles
  • Provided choir on several of Prince's albums
  • Protégé, providing backing vocals on 3121
  • Prince produced her unreleased album, Milk & Honey
Bria Valente
  • Protégée, and girlfriend provided backing vocals on Planet Earth and Song of the Heart for the Happy Feet movie soundtrack
  • Prince produced her solo album Elixer as part of the Lotusflow3r 3CD set released March 2009
The Time
  • Prince's most successful side project
  • Released 4 albums from 1981–1990 (a fifth reportedly remains in limbo)
  • Former girlfriend and lead singer of Vanity 6
Vanity 6
  • Prince's girl-group side project from 1982–1983
  • Prince produced their only album
  • The group later became Apollonia 6 when Vanity left
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