Prey (2007 film)


Official teaser poster
Directed by Darrell Roodt
Produced by Helena Spring
Anant Singh
Written by Jeff Wadlow
Beau Bauman
Darrell Roodt
Starring Carly Schroeder
Peter Weller
Bridget Moynahan
Music by Tony Humecke
Cinematography Michael Brierley
Edited by Avril Beukes
Ryan Kushner
Anant Singh Production
Videovision Entertainment
Distant Horizon
Ingenious Film Partners
Distributed by The Weinstein Company
Release dates
  • January 30, 2007 (2007-01-30) (United States)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Prey is a 2007 psychological horror film based on a screenplay from Jeff Wadlow, Beau Bauman and was co-written and directed by Darrell Roodt,[1] the film stars Bridget Moynahan, Peter Weller and Carly Schroeder.[2]


Tom Newman, a hydro-electrical engineer, arrives in Africa with his family to help build a dam. His daughter, Jessica, isn't getting along with her stepmother, Amy, because she is not happy about her parents divorce. The next morning, Amy, Jessica and her brother David go on a game drive with Brian, a ranger, while Tom goes to the dam. While driving off-road, David asks the ranger to stop the jeep because he has to defecate. Brian grabs his rifle and escorts David to a nearby tree. They encounter two lionesses, backed by a lion behind them. One lioness attacks and David runs back to the car, where Brian sacrifices himself to save the others. The keys lost, Amy, Jessica, and David are trapped in the car and stalked by the lions, who devour Brian. Back at the lodge, Tom is informed of his family's disappearance, and attempts to contact Crawford, a professional hunter and guide, at the suggestion of the park rangers. Crawford refuses to help him, as he is a big five hunt guide, not a leader of search parties. The next day, after not being able to accompany the rangers in the air, Tom goes to see Crawford, and manages to hire his services at the latter's own price. Back in the car, David spots Brian's keys, and Amy retrieves them, only to wreck the truck when she drives the wrong way. Crawford and Tom look for signs of them while checking in on the rangers trail periodically, but the rain the previous night has washed away any tracks. When the rangers fly by without noticing them, Jessica gets out and tries to draw their attention. She fails and, along with Amy, is attacked by one lioness, which is killed by two native hunters.

Amy and Jessica manage to sign well enough to convince the hunters that they need water, and one leads Jessica to a watering hole nearby. They hear a gunshot and rush back, where the second hunter had been attacked by the remaining pride members. The first goes to find his friend, and Jessica provides Amy and David with water. Tom and Crawford locate lion dung, which indicates that it had eaten and was far away, before setting up camp. After dark, Tom and Crawford discuss lions at the fire, and Amy and Jessica discuss how she met Tom back in the car. The hunter comes back and is killed when the lion smashes through the window and drags him out. The next day, Amy, Jessica, and David resolve to survive with what they have and list what that is and Crawford and Tom find the bones of one of the pride's previous victims. Crawford and Tom's trail goes cold and he says they'll pitch and start west tomorrow, with Tom disagreeing. Amy gets out of the car, having heard Crawford's car, and begins to call out. Crawford and Tom run to the top of the hill. Crawford senses something is wrong, but Tom rushes down ahead of him, and is confronted by the last lioness. Before she can kill him, Crawford shoots the lioness through the heart. Tom makes it to the car, but on his way up, Crawford is attacked and killed by the lion. Tom crawls under the car and Amy breaks open the gas tank, telling Tom, Jessica, and David to run when she says so. Amy draws the lion's attention, and they dash for a tree as it jumps into the car. Amy lights a cloth fuse with her lighter and causes the truck to explode and kill the lion. Tom believes Amy is dead, but she appears beside the fire, and they all head back to Crawford's car to return to the lodge as the camera focuses on the savannah grass.



The film was inspired by and based on the true story of the Tsavo Maneaters during the colonial era. It was filmed on location in Gauteng and Limpopo in South Africa.[3]


The soundtrack is include Ron Brettel with "Awaken" and "Zulu Jive" by Urban Rhythm Factory. American synth-pop artist Tony Humecke composed the official score.


The film premiered on 3 November 2006 as part of the American Film Market and was released as Direct-to-Video on 30 January 2007.[4]


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