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The Policy and Resources Committee was created on 1 May 2016 to replace the Policy Council of Guernsey as the Senior Committee of the system of government in Guernsey

Guernsey operates a system of government by committees and consensus. There are no political parties. The members of the parliament, which is known as the States of Deliberation, are elected as independents. The States of Deliberation is both parliament and executive, but it delegates most of its executive functions to policy-specific committees, which are known as States Departments, each of which is run by five political members, all of whom have equal voting power.


To provide advice for the States of Guernsey, to develop policies and programmes and to implement such policies when approved relating to: [1]


The Committee is elected by States Deputies for a period of four years.[2]

The current Committee comprises a president and four members.[3]

The President is the de facto head of government of Guernsey and may be given the title, Chief Minister. The Vice President may also use the title Deputy Chief Minister.[4]

One person in the Committee is nominated as Lead Person for External Affairs,[1] the title Minister for External Affairs is sometimes used.

Portfolio Deputy Appointed Notes
President Gavin St Pier 4 May 2016 Chief Minister
Vice President Lyndon Trott 6 May 2016 Deputy Chief Minister
Member Al Brouard 6 May 2016
Member Jonathan Le Tocq 6 May 2016 Lead for External Affairs
Member Jane Stephens 6 May 2016

Avoidance of conflict of interest

No person on the Committee may be a president or member of the six principal committees, or of the Scrutiny Management Committee, the Development & Planning Authority, or the Transport Licensing Authority.[1]

Six principal committees

  • Committee for Economic Development
  • Committee for Health & Social Care
  • Committee for Education, Sport & Culture

  • Committee for Employment & Social Security
  • Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure
  • Committee for Home Affairs

Civil servants

The Policy and Resources Committee is assisted by key civil servants: [1]

  • Chief Executive
  • Chief Strategy and Policy Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer

  • States Treasurer
  • Chief Information Officer

List of heads of government of Guernsey

For previous Guernsey heads of government before 2004, see List of Bailiffs of Guernsey.
For previous Guernsey heads of government from 2004 to 2016, see Chief Minister of Guernsey.
# Name Term of office
President of Policy and Resources Committee
1 Gavin St Pier 4 May 2016 Incumbent

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