Preciosa (corporation)

Private company
Industry Luxury jewelry
Founded 1948
Headquarters Czech Republic
Products Lead Crystal
Number of employees
3100 (2010)[1]

Preciosa is the luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass and related products produced by Preciosa a.s. of Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic.

History of Preciosa Company

The history of glassmaking in Jablonec region has been written since the 14th century. In 1711 the Fisher brothers brought the secrets of crystal cutting and polishing to North Bohemia. During the 19th century, Jablonec nad Nisou became the world center of jewelry industry. In 1724, the first factory specialized in manufacturing and export of crystal chandeliers was established in Prácheň near Kamenický Šenov. Bohemian chandeliers were ordered for the Royal Courts - Versailles and Fontainebleau palaces of Louis XV, Sultan Osman III of the Ottoman Empire, and Empress Elizabeth of Russia. In 1743 Czech master craftsmen created a marvelous chandelier in honor of the coronation of Empress Maria Theresa which still bears her name. The development of jewelry and glass companies, which were established and prospered in North Bohemia at the turn of 19th century, was interrupted by the World War II.

In 1945 the seven main crystal factories and 18 small firms in and around Jablonec nad Nisou merged, forming the Preciosa company. Preciosa was officially established on April 10, 1948.[2]

In 1993, the company Lustry Kamenicky Senov Inc., the largest Czech manufacturer of chandeliers and lighting fixtures became a daughter company Preciosa - Chandeliers, Inc.

In 1995 the subsidiary company Preciosa Figurky,Ltd. was formed in the Preciosa Group.[3]

In 2009, the Jablonex Group divisions Glass and Beads joined in Preciosa Group as the new company Preciosa Ornela Inc..

Nowadays, Preciosa Group associates the following companies: Preciosa Inc., Preciosa - Chandeliers Inc., Preciosa Figurines Ltd. and Preciosa Ornela Inc.

The Preciosa brand name was first registered in Bohemia in 1915.


Preciosa manufactures crystal glass in their own glass works. Preciosa crystal contains approximately 30% lead to maximize refraction. Since 2013 Preciosa also produces a lead-free crystal (lead content < 0.009%). The company has a range of colored glass and leadless crystalline glass.

Public activities

Preciosa is the main shareholder of the Czech football club FC Slovan Liberec.[4] Preciosa was an official national partner of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2009 and designed and made crystal trophies received by winners together with medals.[5]


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