Owner(s) Summa Real Media Pvt. Ltd.
Founder(s) Supriya Vallala
Publisher Prarthana Pandi
Founded December 2011
Political alignment Independent
Language Odia
Headquarters Bhubaneswar

About Prameya

Prameya is an Indian Odia language daily newspaper published from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India by Summa Real Media Pvt. Ltd. Ramakant Rath, noted poet and former chief secretary of the Odisha, released the first copy of the newspaper. The newspaper was first published by Late Dr. Ganeswar Mishra(1942-2015). The newspaper company has released its own TV network by the name Prameya News 7. In a short time the channel was ranked the second position in Odisha. During the Nabakalebara of 2015, the Prameya, launched a new mission, called 'NABAKALEBARA JANMAT Prameya prayasa' meaning efforts of Prameya to know about people's opinion for new type of Nabakalebara. The main aim of the mission was to keep a track on people's views regarding the preservation of old customs and traditions of Nabakalebara.[1] Mr Manoj Ranjan Nayak is the Managing Director of the Summa Real Media Pvt. Ltd.[2]

Prameya Booklets

Prameya newspaper is also considered a paper for education. 'Prameya' also has started a regular distribution of booklets with the newspaper. It distributes an education booklet 'shikshya plus' for students trying to compete for different entrance exams. A religious booklet 'Juhar' is generally distributed on Monday. On Friday booklets like 'Women plus', 'Swasthya plus' and 'Cine plus' are distributed alternatively. On Sundays, 'Ravibaar plus' is provided.

Prameya TV Channel

India TV Chairman and Editor-In-Chief Rajat Sharma inaugurated the new Odia news channel, PRAMEYA NEWS7, in Bhubaneswar on Saturday (9 May 2015). The event was addressed by the channel group editor, Gopalkrushna Mohapatra, News7 editor Ardhendu Das and CEO Sunil Das.

By the continuous hard work of the channel team, the channel has been ranked as second famous Odia news channel, only after OTV news.[3]



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