Posthumus Zone

"Posthumus Zone" and "Granicus" are songs composed by the Los Angeles electronic music group E.S. Posthumus for the TV programs The NFL on CBS and The NFL Today on CBS Sports. The songs are played at the start and end of the programs, before and after commercial breaks, and during stoppages of play of games shown on The NFL on CBS, and on commercial spots that announce the programming schedule, as a jingle for viewers to remember.

The songs are also used to introduce, to conclude, and to segue to commercials on Dial Global's NFL game coverage and halftime programming; Dial Global's sports unit as Westwood One is a former corporate sibling to CBS (and also distributes the CBS Sports Radio brand).

"Posthumus Zone", which is just under a minute long, was released by E.S. Posthumus in January 2008 as a single on the iTunes Store and on Amazon MP3. In 2005, E.S. Posthumus also released the single "Rise to Glory," a remix of "Posthumus Zone" in association with DJ Quik with vocals from Bizarre.

The theme was also used on The Price Is Right as the opening theme for the February 5, 2016 episode, which serves as the Super Bowl 50 themed episode for the CBS game show, which uses a Super Bowl theme on the Friday before the Super Bowl in years the network has the game.


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