Pont de Recouvrance

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Coordinates: 48°23′04″N 4°29′48″W / 48.384381°N 4.496541°W / 48.384381; -4.496541

Pont de Recouvrance

The Pont de Recouvrance and the Penfeld
Coordinates 48°23′03.7″N 04°29′47.3″W / 48.384361°N 4.496472°W / 48.384361; -4.496472
Carries Rue de Siam
Crosses Penfeld River
Locale Brest, Brittany, France
Design Vertical-lift bridge
Material Reinforced concrete, steel
Height 70m
Longest span 88 metres (289 ft)
Construction begin 1950
Construction end 1954
Opened 1954

The Pont de Recouvrance is a vertical-lift bridge in Brest, France, across the river Penfeld. Opened on 17 July 1954, it was the largest vertical-lift bridge in Europe until the opening of the Rouen Pont Gustave-Flaubert in 2008. It links the bottom of the rue de Siam to the quartier de Recouvrance, replacing a swing bridge (the pont National) destroyed by Allied bombardment in 1944.

Each pylon is 70m high, and the 525-tonne lift span is 88m long.

Trolley bus

The bridge was crossed by trolleybuses from its opening in 1954 until the closure of the Brest trolleybus system, in 1970.[1]


The lift span was renovated in 2011 to allow the new tram line to cross the bridge. The tram line opened by July 2012.[2]


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