Polygon Pictures

Kabushiki gaisha
Industry Japanese animation
Founded July 22, 1983 (1983-07-22)
Headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Website www.ppi.co.jp

POLYGON PICTURES Inc. (株式会社ポリゴン・ピクチュアズ Kabushiki-gaisha Porigon Pikuchuazu) is a Japanese 3DCG animation studio.

Polygon has animated a wide variety of content, from commercials for Shiseido featuring the studio's original penguin characters Rocky & Hopper (ロッキーとホッパー Rokkī to Hoppā),[1] to the 3D CG anime television series Digital Tokoro-san and the 3DCG anime film Samuroid Zero.

In 2004, PPI contributed the 3DCG parts for Production I.G's Mamoru Oshii-directed Innocence, the second feature anime film of the Ghost in the Shell universe, as well as his subsequent film, The Sky Crawlers.

In 2012, Hasbro's full-CG television series Transformers Prime, for which PPI created the animation, was awarded "Outstanding Special Class Animated Program" at the 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Polygon Pictures also created the animation for the Disney XD series Tron: Uprising, as well as several episodes of the hit show Star Wars: The Clone Wars, broadcast on Cartoon Network. Each of these series received 4 nominations respectively at the 2013 Annie Awards, with Tron taking home awards for Character Design and Production Design.





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