Poland men's national field hockey team

Association Polski Związek Hokeja na Trawie
(Poland Hockey Federation)
Coach Karol Śnieżek
Assistant coach Jerzy Jóskowiak
Manager Tomasz Cichy
Captain Dariusz Rachwalski
FIH ranking 18

The Poland national field hockey team is Poland's representative in field hockey tournaments around the world. In the usual course of things, the team is made up of the best field hockey players in Poland. As of December October 11, 2011, the team is ranked 17th in the world.[1] The governing body for the sports is the Poland Hockey Federation.


Summer Olympics

Field Hockey World Cup

Hockey Champions Challenge

Hockey World League

2014 squad

Roster for the 2014 Men's Hockey Champions Challenge I.

Head Coach: Karol Śnieżek

  1. Arkadiusz Matuszak (GK) #1 Details
  2. Michal Raciniewski #4 Details
  3. Tomasz GÓRNY #7 Details
  4. Sebastian Sellner #9 Details
  5. Philipp Weide #10 Details
  6. Lukasz Domachowksi (GK) #12 Details
  7. Tomasz Wachowiak #13 Details
  8. Bartosz Zywiczka #14 Details
  9. Adam Chwalisz #16 Details

  1. Krystian Makowski #17 Details
  2. Michal Nowakowski #20 Details
  3. Karol Majchrazak #22 Details
  4. Piotr Kozlowski #23 Details
  5. Adrian Krokosz #25 Details
  6. Michal Kasprzyk #26 Details
  7. Pawel Bratkowski (C) #27 Details
  8. Michal Poltaszweski #29 Details
  9. Mateusz Poltaszewski #30 Details


  1. World Rankings, Federation Internationale d'Hockey. Accessed October 11, 2011.
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