Notable characters General Zod
Publisher DC Comics

Pokolistan is a fictional country in DC Comics. It was introduced during Joe Kelly's run on the Superman titles.


A former Soviet republic, Pokolistan was a military dictatorship ruled by General Zod, supported by three metahumans Faora, Ignition and Kancer. While its citizens were not necessarily free, they were healthy, safe and prosperous. Much of the nation's prosperity was due to the usage of Kryptonian technology. Consisting mainly of annexed land from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, the country is roughly the size of Massachusetts. It also corresponds to exactly the same geographical location as the nation of Modora. As yet, the exact details of how Pokolistan came to occupy the same space as Modora remain unknown. Pokolistan quickly became an orderly society under Zod's rule.

Since Zod's death in battle with Superman, neither Pokolistan nor Zod's team have been revisited in any DC titles.

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