Pobre Niña Rica

Pobre Niña Rica
Genre Telenovela
Created by Estela Calderón
Written by Tere Medina
Directed by Antulio Jiménez Pons
Starring Victoria Ruffo
Ariel López Padilla
Laura Zapata
Gerardo Murguía
Paulina Rubio
Miguel Córcega
Antonio De Carlo
Opening theme Pobre niña rica by Paulina Rubio
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish (1995-1996)
No. of episodes 65
Executive producer(s) Enrique Segoviano
Producer(s) Gabriel Vázquez Bulman
Location(s) Filming
Televisa San Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
Running time 41-44 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release October 2, 1995 – January 5, 1996
Preceded by Muchachitas (rebroadcast) (17:30)
Retrato de familia (16:00)
Followed by Retrato de familia (18:00)
Azul (16:00)
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Pobre Niña Rica (English title: Poor Little Rich Girl) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Enrique Segoviano for Televisa in 1995-1996.[1]

Victoria Ruffo and Ariel López Padilla starred as protagonists, while the leading actress Laura Zapata starred as main antagonist. Paulina Rubio starred as stellar performance.


In Mexico City lives the rich Villagrán family. The youngest daughter, Consuelo Villagrán, is a very insecure girl with a very low self-esteem. She is beautiful but hides her beauty behind large glasses and frumpy, old-fashioned clothes.

She has been repressed and emotionally abused all her life by her mother Teresa and her two brothers, to the point of becoming a servant in her own house, much like Cinderella, catering to her mother's constant demands only to be always put down, berated and humiliated.

Her only solace is to read from the books in her father’s collection. The only ones that love and protect her are her father Don Juan Carlos, who is very ill and is dominated by Teresa, and her aunt Alicia who owns a bookstore that Consuelo loves to frequent in order to find new books to read.

Teresa is a vain, cruel, ambitious and over-demanding woman. She controls the entire family through fear and intimidation. Her son Carlos inherited her traits and also despises and humiliates his sister Consuelo. Carlos' wife Ana Luisa is a possessive woman who's always jealous of every woman that gets near Carlos, and their daughter Alma is a spoiled young woman who's used to getting her way and although she likes her aunt Consuelo, often makes her the butt of her practical jokes and humiliating remarks regarding her appearance.

She is bitter toward her parents as Carlos only cares about business and Ana Luisa only cares about Carlos and both practically ignore her. So she finds refuge in her irresponsible and misfit young friends. Teresa's other son Mauricio, is also looked down on by his mother and brother as a good-for-nothing loser.

He spends most of his time at a sports club playing Tennis. He likes his sister Consuelo but is indifferent toward the abuse and bullying that she is a victim of. He is married to an unscrupulous and ambitious woman named Barbara who also despises Consuelo and enjoys tormenting her.

They have a young son, Bobby, whom they promptly send off to a boarding school abroad so as to not be bothered with him. Barbara is secretly in love with Mauricio's best friend Alfredo, a writer and a childhood friend of Consuelo. Consuelo has always had a crush on him, but he says he could never fall for her.

He is kind to her, however, which arouses Barbara's jealousy and makes her despise Consuelo even more. In spite of being chronically and seriously ill, Don Juan Carlos still manages his financial empire, the Empresas Villagrán. His right-hand man is a man named Hector, whom Don Juan Carlos sees more as a son. Don Juan Carlos doesn't trust his own son Carlos, who also works at the company, and shows preference for Hector.

Because of this, Carlos despises Hector and is bitterly jealous of him. Carlos hates his sister Consuelo because he feels she stole his father's affections from him, and blames her for his father's distrust of him in the business. This hatred is fueled by Teresa who exploits it because she also hates Consuelo with all her might.

This is because of a simple, yet serious family secret which only her, Carlos and Don Juan Carlos know: Consuelo is not really her daughter. She is the daughter of Don Juan Carlos and his first and only real love. Because he was then rich, Teresa had interfered in that relationship and succeeded in separating them and marrying Don Juan Carlos in order to gain fortune and social status.

However unbeknownst to her, Don Juan Carlos' fortune was by now depleted and he was financially ruined. Don Juan Carlos' former love and mother of Consuelo later became ill and died, leaving a baby Consuelo without a mother. She also left her a vast inheritance as she was extremely wealthy, as well as a provision that Don Juan Carlos could use that money to rebuild his fortune as long as he took in his daughter Consuelo.

Don Juan Carlos loved his baby girl and took her in. He told Teresa that if she wanted to stay married to him and continue to live in opulence and luxury, she would have to accept Consuelo as her daughter and never tell her the truth that she is her stepmother. Teresa complied but hated her ever since and fueled her older and favorite son's Carlos’ hatred and jealousy for his sister.

Because of this, Teresa has made it her goal to destroy Consuelo’s self-esteem and sense of security and make her devoid of any personality. She does this to make sure Consuelo will never rebel and attempt to take possession of what is rightfully hers. As the years passed, and with the help of the initial capital from Consuelo’s inheritance, Don Juan Carlos managed to increase the family fortune much, much more than ever before.

This makes the ambitious Teresa covet everything for her and Carlos, while desiring to leave Consuelo with nothing. And to make her pay for simply being born, she has her work for her as a personal slave. Teresa knows well that Don Juan Carlos is planning on leaving the majority of the family fortune to Consuelo, as the basis for it was Consuelo's original inheritance from her biological mother.

For this reason, she decides to do everything in her power to make sure Consuelo never finds out about her origin and she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Tired of seeing Teresa mistreat Consuelo, Don Juan Carlos tries to reveal the truth to her, but he can’t as he suddenly has a crisis and dies, leaving Consuelo heartbroken and more alone than ever.

The torment she endures at the hands of her family gets progressively worse and she starts developing strong recurring headaches. Knowing that Don Juan Carlos's will is going to be read soon, Teresa plots ways to keep Consuelo from attending the reading, and succeeds in postponing it on several occasions.

It is about this time that Carlos' daughter Alma decides to go to a boarding school in Switzerland in order to try to forget a recent romantic heartbreak. Since she doesn't want to go alone, she asks Consuelo to accompany her. Consuelo is ecstatic to go to Europe as she always wanted to go and see the places she has read about in her beloved books. Teresa seizes this as an opportunity to have Consuelo away for the reading of the will and gives her permission to go.

After Consuelo leaves Alma at the boarding school, she decides to extend her stay and goes to Paris to see the sights and enjoy a nice vacation. While visiting the Louvre museum and gazing emotionally at a painting, she meets Dr. Julio Navarro, a prominent Mexican neurologist who is also on vacation.

They are instantly attracted to each other and end up falling in love, in spite of Consuelo’s outward awkwardness and perceived unattractiveness. Julio’s unselfish and accepting love begins to raise Consuelo’s self-esteem and she slowly begins to blossom. With the help of a kind elderly couple from Mexico, Don Miguel and Doña Andrea, also on vacation at the same hotel, whom both Julio and Consuelo befriend, Consuelo transforms into a beautiful and sophisticated woman.

She trades her glasses for contacts, and gets a complete makeover that reveals her true beauty. Consuelo returns to Mexico now as a beautiful and glamorous woman, much to the astonishment and disbelief of her family, especially Teresa, Carlos and Barbara.

Alfredo, surprised as everyone else, now finds himself completely attracted to Consuelo and ends up falling in love with her, causing Barbara’s jealousy to intensify. Upon finding out that Consuelo plans to marry Julio, Teresa starts to plot ways to separate them as she wants Consuelo to stay under her oppressive wing in order to keep controlling her and the family fortune.

She repeatedly tries to convince Consuelo that Julio is only after her money. Consuelo also makes an enemy of Julio’s former lover Beatriz, who is a surgical nurse working at the same hospital as Julio. She is extremely possessive of Julio and jealous of anyone who gets near him.

She aligns herself with Teresa and they start working together to separate Consuelo from Julio. Unable to postpone the reading of the will any longer, and unable to have it read without Consuelo being present due to her being named in it, the will is finally read and Consuelo learns her father left her the majority of the shares of the company as well as the family fortune.

Carlos and Mauricio both get to keep the shares they already have, and Teresa gets to keep the house until her death, when it will pass to Consuelo. Hector, who also had shares in the company, is also given more shares making him equal to Carlos. This arrangement infuriates Carlos and Teresa, who now unite in a plot to take everything away from Consuelo.

Their plan is to make believe that Consuelo is mentally impaired and to have her legally declared mentally incompetent in order to gain control of the shares and the fortune. They begin a relentless campaign to make Consuelo believe that she is losing her mind, first by convincing her that her recurring headaches are psychosomatic, then by convincing her she is seeing and hearing things, and then by going as far as having her sedated and institutionalized for 24 hours, with a paid accomplice – a less-than-ethical psychiatrist – hypnotizing Consuelo to make her forget her time at the institution, and have her think she has amnesia provoked by her supposed mental illness.

At the company, Carlos’ rivalry with Hector continues, and fueled and supported by Teresa, he plots ways to destroy him. It is also revealed that Carlos commits numerous financial frauds and illegal business practices in order to increase his wealth, to the point of creating false companies and involving innocent people to cover his tracks.

He even tricks his own naïve secretary Angela into lending her name to one of these ventures, so in case it is discovered she would take the blame. Meanwhile Teresa also manipulates Consuelo to make her think that Teresa has a serious heart condition, and she even takes pills to simulate the effects of cardiac illness (given to her by Beatriz), and uses that to convince Consuelo of her supposed insanity by calling for help or claiming illness, only to deny it later and make Consuelo think she is hallucinating.

Teresa’s paid psychiatrist accomplice eventually issues a certificate of insanity for Consuelo, but just when Teresa is ready to use it to declare Consuelo incompetent, the company is suddenly audited, fueling a huge media scandal. This forces Teresa to put a hold in her plans. She eventually decides against using it as she realizes the plan could backfire if another scandal erupts.

Instead, she decides that the way to control the family fortune and increase the benefit for her and for Carlos, is in making sure that Consuelo forgets about Julio and remains under her total control. Around this time, while cleaning out old stored items from her house, Consuelo’s aunt Alicia discovers a sealed letter from Don Juan Carlos to her late husband, which has instructions to open it only after Don Juan Carlos’ death.

Since her husband had died a number of years prior, the letter was never opened. She opens it and is stunned to learn the truth of Consuelo’s origin. She confides this to Julio and tells him that Consuelo should be told in order to escape from Teresa’s oppression.

But Julio is concerned that this revelation could be a big shock to her and tells Alicia they better keep this a secret until the time is right to reveal it. Reluctantly, she agrees. In spite of their efforts to separate them and against all odds, Consuelo and Julio eventually marry and are very happy to go on their honeymoon to Jamaica.

However Beatriz and Teresa interfere to first frustrate their wedding night by Teresa pretending to be seriously ill, and then by frustrating their honeymoon by Teresa notifying the authorities that Consuelo is the main shareholder in the company, and as the company is in the middle of an audit, all shareholders are barred from leaving the country until the matter is resolved.

And so Consuelo and Julio are prevented from boarding their plane at the airport. Knowing that Teresa is to blame for this, a furious Julio confronts her. To make up for the missed trip, Julio buys Consuelo a beautiful house, revealing that he has a fortune of his own and thus Teresa can no longer use the fortune-hunter argument against him.

Working along with Beatriz and another accomplice, Teresa resumes her plan of making Consuelo think she is crazy, this time just to torment her and drive her insane for real, and bugs Consuelo’s house and her own house so that they make her hear recordings of her father’s voice and even her own using old tapes and videos in order to make Consuelo think she is hearing things.

Carlos is worried that his illegal practices and frauds will be discovered, and together with Teresa they plan ways to put the blame on Hector, whom they both despise, all to no avail. Hector learns of these practices and confronts Carlos, telling him that he’ll report him.

But Carlos blackmails Hector into silence by threatening to damage his reputation because through a private investigator, Carlos discovered that Hector has a girlfriend who has been incarcerated for fraud for the past 10 years, in spite of being really innocent. Worried more about the potential repercussions for his girlfriend, than about his own reputation, Hector reluctantly agrees to back off.

However, Hector does help Angela by making her realize what Carlos did. Angela confronts her boss when suddenly Alma walks in just in time to hear everything. Unable to hide the truth from Alma, Angela tells her everything about her father’s illegal practices.

Disgusted, Alma storms out of her father’s office. She decides she can’t live under the same roof as him and as Angela has been Alma’s best friend for years, she moves in with Angela and her Aunt Delia. Carlos thinks everything will be calm now. However that calm is short-lived as Carlos’ financial frauds in the company are discovered in the audit and the authorities are promptly notified, who then proceed to arrest the innocent Angela (who got the job through Alma’s recommendation to her father), and issue an arrest warrant for Carlos.

Hector, who by now has fallen in love and started a relationship with Angela (and hides the truth about his other girlfriend in jail), tries to help Angela. She is taken to prison where she meets and befriends Hector’s girlfriend Claudia and they talk about their respective boyfriends without realizing that they are one and the same.

Hector tries repeatedly to break up with Claudia and tell the truth to Angela, but each time he changes his mind due to the fear of hurting them. He struggles immensely with this. Claudia eventually finds out the truth when she sees him kissing Angela during a prison visit and falls into a deep depression.

Because of Barbara’s pressuring, and also tired of being looked down on, Mauricio takes his place in the company and begins to mature into a responsible and successful business man who eventually takes Carlos’ place. Meanwhile, the police go to arrest Carlos, only to witness him suffer a paralyzing stroke upon being told of his arrest.

Carlos had been suffering from high-blood pressure and had been feeling ill for some time. He’d had a number of near-attack episodes, especially when agitated, the arrest being the catalyst for a massive stroke. Carlos is taken to the hospital in critical condition where he is treated in the ICU under guard.

Teresa plots an escape plan for Carlos with the help of Ana Luisa as she is determined to never let Carlos go to jail. However, when they put their plan into action, Ana Luisa takes matters into her own hands, ditches Teresa and takes Carlos away to a secret hiding place in another city where she tends to him with the help of an old former housemaid whom Ana Luisa is fond of.

Ana Luisa’s improper care, and jealous and overprotective personality seriously jeopardize Carlos’ health and he suffers another stroke which further debilitates him. Unwilling to let him die and in spite of Ana Luisa’s protests, the housemaid brings a local young doctor named David to check on Carlos who then proceeds to transport him to the nearest hospital.

The authorities again place Carlos under guard and Ana Luisa finds herself in trouble with the law for aiding him in his escape. Carlos is transported back to Mexico City where he is cared for by David who has relocated there, as well as by Julio who is his assigned neurologist.

Slowly, Carlos begins to recover, but after an episode of cardiac arrest and a near-death experience, he begins to change his attitude and rebels against Teresa. Meanwhile Angela, who has been released from prison due to her attorney’s work and Hector’s involvement, finally discovers the truth about him when a bitter Claudia confronts her during a prison visit.

She is hurt and breaks up with Hector. He repeatedly tries to reconcile with her but she refuses. A short time later, while on a late-night drive out of town with Alma who drives recklessly, they are involved in a serious car accident where Angela is mortally wounded.

At the hospital, Angela finally forgives Hector and clears Alma of blame by saying that she was driving herself, instead of Alma. Angela succumbs to her injuries leaving both Hector and Alma distraught and devastated. Upon hearing of her death, Carlos clears her name by admitting she was innocent and he used her.

Both Hector and Aunt Delia blame Alma for Angela’s death, but although Hector is willing to respect Angela’s wishes to forgive Alma, Aunt Delia is not and she vows to make Alma pay for Angela’s death by sending her to prison for manslaughter.

During all this time, Teresa and Beatriz continue their efforts to separate Julio and Consuelo and to make Consuelo think she is mentally insane. Consuelo’s headaches increase day by day, worrying Julio. Frustrated that all the attempts fail, Beatriz breaks off the pact with Teresa and starts acting on her own, while blackmailing Teresa for money.

Her increased jealous outbursts against Julio at the hospital eventually get her fired, so her hatred grows even more. After a while and many apologies and good lying, she manages to get her job back for a time. The unscrupulous psychiatrist also blackmails Teresa and she asks Beatriz for help in getting rid of him somehow.

Along with her accomplice, Beatriz murders the psychiatrist and makes it look like an accident. Later, after the accomplice turns on her because of non-payment and attempts to rape her, she murders him during the struggle by shooting at him at point blank.

She then decides it’s time to get rid of Consuelo and after stalking her continuously, she runs her over with her van, revealing that she is in fact a deranged and dangerous psychopath capable of anything. Consuelo is hospitalized for observation though fortunately she is mostly unhurt except for some bruises and a cracked rib or two.

A worried Julio takes the opportunity to submit his wife to numerous medical tests because of her constant debilitating headaches, and he discovers she has a serious brain tumor, which may be inoperable. Distraught, and with the help of his colleagues, he starts to look for ways to save Consuelo’s life while keeping this terrible truth from her and everyone else.

And in spite of Teresa’s continuous meddling and manipulation, he decides that more than ever he cannot tell Consuelo the truth about her origin. Alma, who had temporarily moved in with Julio and Consuelo due to her estrangement from her parents and her romantic troubles, accidentally discovers the truth about Consuelo’s illness and together with Julio, they agree to keep quiet.

But it’s obvious to everyone, including Consuelo, that something is wrong because both Julio and Alma’s attitudes have changed and they often talk to each other in secret, leading Consuelo to suspect betrayal on their part. However, she keeps this to herself though she becomes increasingly wary of this.

Alma is going through troubles of her own. She had fallen in love with a handsome young man named Gregorio who returned her affections. However he was engaged to another woman named Estela, an acquaintance of Alma and the daughter of Carlos’ friend and lawyer Felipe Medrano. Estela got pregnant in order to force Gregorio to marry her.

This is why Alma had gone to the boarding school in Switzerland earlier. However, Gregorio had followed Alma and they had reconciled while there. Gregorio wanted to divorce Estela as the marriage is a lie, but Estela’s mother Carola, unwilling to let this happen and worried about the family image, had tricked him into signing some blank papers.

Using those signatures, she forged documents that made him look like a smuggler of auto racing parts (as he is a race car driver and aficionado) and then blackmailed him into staying in the marriage by threatening to send him to prison. Faced with this dilemma, Gregorio made Alma think that he really didn’t love her and that he was tired of her.

He did this to protect her from Carola and Estela’s retaliation. Around this time, Alma meets David and begins a relationship with him in order to forget about Gregorio. She eventually becomes engaged to him and decides to go back to school and study medicine.

More insane than ever, Beatriz makes another attempt at Consuelo’s life. This time however, she kidnaps Consuelo taking her to a secluded location. There, she reveals to her that she is planning to set explosives in the van with Consuelo inside left to die.

Beatriz spews all her venom at Consuelo and tells her that she blames her for Julio leaving her and believes Consuelo destroyed her life, and that’s why she hates her and wants her dead. As Beatriz sets the timer for the bomb, Consuelo manages to subdue Beatriz who is knocked unconscious and falls out of the van next to it, and she escapes with just seconds to spare before the van explodes with Beatriz being left for dead.

Consuelo returns home to a very relieved Julio and tries to put this episode behind her. Consuelo begins to have new strange symptoms and suspects she may be pregnant. Eventually, Consuelo confirms her suspicions to her great delight and Julio’s worry.

He knows that a pregnancy could mean death to Consuelo due to her illness and potential refusal for treatment if it endangers the life of the unborn child. Around this time, Consuelo overhears a conversation between Julio and Alma about her. They were talking about her health and the burden of keeping the truth from her, but Consuelo misinterprets what she hears and concludes that they are in fact having an affair because of what they say.

She gets furious and storms out, seeking refuge with Alfredo who convinces her to fly with him to Europe to escape her problems. She settles in Paris where she once again visits the site where she met Julio. Unbeknownst to her, Julio had tracked her down and he meets her at the museum where they reconcile, and proceed to take a few days for a much belated honeymoon as the original one was frustrated by Teresa and Beatriz.

Meanwhile Gregorio, who is frustrated at Carola and Estela’s control and blackmailing and often vents to his best friend Cesar, finally has enough and confronts Felipe Medrano telling him what his wife and daughter are doing to him. Felipe initially refuses to believe his family could be capable of such a thing and furiously fires Gregorio from his firm (as they were associates).

However, as he is a righteous and moral man, he confronts his family forcing them to tell him the truth. When he realizes that Gregorio was in fact a victim, he seeks him out and reconciles with him, giving him back his job as he does not let personal things interfere with business and Gregorio is a good asset for him.

But just then Gregorio has a serious auto racing accident that nearly kills him. He survives, but is in danger of losing his leg due to it being severely crushed. Estela visits him in the hospital, but in his drugged and delirious state he mistakes her for Alma and tells her he loves her and wants to be with her.

Finally realizing how cruel she’s been and seeing his love for Alma, Estela finally decides to grant him the divorce and she even goes to see Alma to tell her the truth about what she and her mother did to Gregorio and why he had broken off with Alma, as Alma had initially refused to believe it when Gregorio attempted to tell her before, thinking it was another one of his lies.

Realizing the truth, Alma breaks off her engagement with an understanding David. Alma then visits Gregorio and they finally reconcile for good. He has surgery and his leg is saved. He begins a long recovery process, with Alma by his side. They plan to marry as soon as he is well.

Carlos also eventually recovers enough to be taken to prison to await his trial and serve his sentence. While there, his old bitterness returns and he turns against everyone. Ana Luisa is finally cleared of her problems with the law and reconciles with her daughter Alma, who moves back in with her mother.

Hector reconciles with Claudia who has by now been released and exonerated, and although they are no longer a couple, since he still loves and grieves for the late Angela, they remain good friends and eventually he helps her to also reconcile with her estranged daughter Lili.

Consuelo and Julio return from Europe and are happy again. However Barbara, jealous that Consuelo went with Alfredo, visits her to torment her and cruelly reveals to Consuelo that she has a brain tumor and will soon die, and her child will not be born.

Barbara had found this out from Ana Luisa who had been told about it by Alma in confidence. Ana Luisa had told her about it trying to arouse Barbara’s sympathy for Consuelo to get her to stop being cruel to her. But Barbara uses this to torment Consuelo instead.

Consuelo is distraught but decides to keep secret from Julio the fact that she is now aware of her illness. Also, and after numerous flashbacks over time that she couldn’t understand, Consuelo finally remembers her day at the mental institution when the effect of the hypnosis she was under by the unscrupulous psychiatrist wears off, and she finally realizes she was never mentally ill.

Aunt Alicia visits Consuelo and while talking about her life and Teresa’s control and dominion, a short argument erupts between them and Aunt Alicia finally can’t help herself and blurts out the truth to Consuelo about her origin. Julio walks in and tells her he knew about this but hid it from her to protect her.

Although she is shocked and hurt to find out the truth, Consuelo finally understands her mother and brother’s mistreatment of her, and she forgives them. Although she is now free of her stepmother’s dominion, she decides that she still cares for her and will always see her as her mother.

She visits Carlos who angrily rebuffs her and attempts to hurt her by telling her this truth but she tells him she knows and holds no grudges against him. They part ways with nothing else left to say. Carlos attempts to escape from prison with the help of two inmates, one of whom gave him a gun.

Although he is still partly paralyzed and he is in a wheelchair due to his strokes, he attempts the escape anyway. This results in a shootout that kills one of the inmates and injures the other. At the resulting hearing to answer for the escape attempt, Carlos blames the other inmate in order to be cleared. That night, while Carlos sleeps, the inmate ruthlessly and violently stabs Carlos to death in revenge.

Thus Carlos pays for all his deeds with his life. Around this time it is revealed that Beatriz in fact survived the explosion and has been in hiding, although severely disfigured. She is completely insane and sees visions of Julio. She decides to finish off Consuelo for good and looks for a chance to do it. She again shows up at Teresa’s house demanding money from her, but Teresa runs her off telling her that she is no killer and wants no more association with her.

Teresa, who is still trying to manipulate Consuelo by feigning cardiac illness, accidentally takes too many of the pills that help her mimic cardiac symptoms, and she falls into cardiac arrest for real. While attempting to go for help she falls down the stairs of her house.

Her maid notifies Julio and Consuelo who rush to her side and Julio attempts to aid her and calls for an ambulance. However Teresa dies from a massive heart attack, not before spewing all her venom at Consuelo and telling her that she is not her mother and that she hates her.

Consuelo forgives her, but Teresa curses her as she takes her last breath. And so like Carlos, Teresa also pays for all her deeds with her life. At Teresa’s funeral, Barbara, once again showing her cruelty in an attempt to make Consuelo suffer, tells Aunt Alicia about Consuelo’s illness in front of Consuelo, leaving her devastated.

Sick at finding out just how cruel his wife is, Mauricio decides to divorce her. He eventually does and goes to get his son back from boarding school. He gets sole custody and leaves her financially secure to pursue her own life. At Teresa’s burial the next day, after everyone has left, Consuelo decides to stay a moment alone at the graves of her father and Teresa to pay her respects.

It is here that Beatriz, who had been following her and had been staying out of sight, makes her final attempt at Consuelo’s life by attacking her with a knife. She stabs Consuelo on her arm, but Consuelo manages to fight her off and scream for help, causing both Julio and Alfredo who were still close by to rush to her aid.

Beatriz tries to run away but she is caught by Alfredo, who turns her in to the police. Julio takes Consuelo to be treated for her wounds. As the months pass and the pregnancy progresses normally, so does Consuelo’s illness. Julio eventually finds out that Consuelo knows when he listens to a tape she’s been making for their unborn child.

They finally confront the truth together and decide to fight for the lives of both Consuelo and the baby by attempting an extremely risky operation. Julio and Consuelo start to prepare for this. Sometime later, a prominent doctor whom Julio had been consulting on Consuelo’s case comes to visit to tell them that the operation can work and is a chance to save her life, but they would have to abort the baby.

Both Consuelo and Julio adamantly refuse, and they decide to risk waiting until after the baby is born. The police notify Julio that it is necessary for Consuelo to appear at a hearing for Beatriz. Julio is wary of the repercussions this could have for Consuelo, but she agrees.

Her appearance at the hearing is necessary to prove if Beatriz is lucid enough to be telling the truth as she had declared everything she had done in complicity with Teresa. They want her to repeat everything in front of Consuelo. Having nothing to lose and knowing she will be committed for life, Beatriz reveals everything to a distraught and shocked Consuelo who can’t believe that the woman she called mother could be so cruel to do all those things.

It is at this point that she stops referring to Teresa as her mother, more so when the family attorney finally gives her a box of personal possessions of Don Juan Carlos which includes photographs of her real mother with an infant Consuelo in her arms. Consuelo is overjoyed at finally seeing the face of her real mother.

Alma finally marries Gregorio and has fully mended her relationship with her mother Ana Luisa. Aunt Delia finally realizes that revenge against Alma will not make her feel better, it will not bring Angela back, and she needs to respect Angela’s wishes. So she finally reconciles with Alma and they part ways amicably.

Estela and her family are living in harmony and she and her mom have changed their attitudes towards everything, with the help of Felipe. Hector is cultivating his friendship with Claudia, and he’s helping Mauricio run the company which is recovering from the scandals. Alfredo has gone to travel, and has resumed his writing.

Mauricio is happily raising his son Bobby, while Barbara is living her life on her own. Aunt Alicia is happily running her bookstore with the help of Julio who has become her associate. Everything seems fine until one day Consuelo’s illness takes a turn for the worse when she is suddenly struck by blindness caused by her tumor.

Realizing that this is a sign that the illness is approaching the point of no return, and with weeks left for the baby’s birth, Julio decides to risk the operation himself, hoping that both Consuelo and the baby will be able to resist. After many agonizing hours the operation is finished. Consuelo is alive but not out of danger of dying.

She is fighting for her life. Consuelo is sent to the ICU unit as it is uncertain if she will regain consciousness and recover. After more agonizing hours, she suddenly wakes up and just then a nurse gives Julio the results of the biopsy of the removed tumor that reveals that it was not malignant.

An overjoyed Julio tells Consuelo she is completely cured and will recover, and most importantly, that the baby is fine and will be born. A few weeks later Consuelo gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Once at home, Consuelo and Julio both look into the face of their precious baby girl.

Consuelo is finally healthy, happy, and completely free of everything and everyone that caused her pain and suffering. She gazes at her daughter realizing that she is no longer that Poor Little Rich Girl.


  • Victoria Ruffo as Consuelo Villagrán García-Mora
  • Ariel López Padilla as Julio Navarro
  • Laura Zapata as Doña Teresa García-Mora de Villagrán
  • Gerardo Murguía as Carlos Villagrán García-Mora
  • Paulina Rubio as Alma Villagrán Cañedo
  • Miguel Córcega as Don Juan Carlos Villagrán Franco
  • Antonio De Carlo as César Manzanillo
  • Luis Uribe as Héctor Iturriaga
  • Alejandro Aragón as Alfredo Zaldívar
  • Diana Golden as Beatriz Domínguez
  • Amparo Arozamena as Doña Andrea Múzquiz
  • Elsa Cárdenas as Alicia Vda. de García-Mora
  • Pilar Escalante as Claudia Domínguez
  • Ernesto Godoy as Mauricio Villagrán García-Mora
  • Servando Manzetti as Lic. Felipe Medrano
  • Roberto Palazuelos as Gregorio Báez
  • Gabriela Platas as Estela Medrano
  • Laura Sotelo as Juanita
  • Oscar Traven as Dr. Adrián Zambrano
  • Azela Robinson as Ana Luisa Cañedo de Villagrán
  • Juan Verduzco as Dr. Manuel Leyton
  • Mercedes Molto as Bárbara de Villagrán
  • Dacia Arcaráz as Norma
  • Tania Fernández as Lilí
  • Amparo Garrido as Delia Martínez
  • Mauricio Islas as David Estévez
  • Roberto Miguel as Samuel Martínez
  • Raquel Morell as Carola Medrano
  • Diego Sieres as Bobby Villagrán
  • Indra Zuno as Ángela Martínez Valverde
  • Sergio Corona as Don Miguel Laureano Múzquiz
  • Rafael Amador as Chavo
  • Polo Salazar as Detective
  • Sergio Catalán as Eduardo
  • Aurora Clavel as Cata
  • Fernando Morín as Dr. Ismael Ceballos
  • Fernando Nesmé as Ramos
  • Héctor Cruz as Matías
  • Arturo Muñoz as Official Public Ministry
  • Marco Antonio Calvillo as Cata's son
  • Mario Carballido as Mr. Arizmendi
  • Alberto Casanova as Dr. Castañeda
  • Gabriela Cerecedo as Secretary
  • Susana Contreras as Delia's neighbor
  • Gerardo del Castillo as Teniente J.
  • Edna Lobato as Secretary
  • Melba Luna as Cook
  • Ramiro Orci as Paco
  • Bernhard Seifert as Lic. Ruiz Medina
  • Angeles Balvanera as Ada
  • Patricia Martínez as Carmen Gloria Becerra
  • Miguel Valles as Román
  • José Viller as Police officer
  • Angeles Yáñez as Ramona
  • Gustavo M. Zarate as Director of the hospital
  • Gerardo Camarena as Dr. Gutiérrez
  • Gustavo Zárate as Ricardo
  • Kokin as Lic. Carlos García Sagredo
  • Enrique Hidalgo as Dr. Castillo
  • Sherlyn as Consuelo (child)
  • Jeanette Candiani
  • Margarita Ambriz
  • Manolo Leija
  • Flavio Peniche
  • Carlos Aguilar
  • Martha Batiz
  • Jorge Bayardo
  • Juan de la Loza
  • Eurídice
  • Ely Figueroa
  • Claudia Cardoso
  • Oscar Parra
  • Luigi Silva
  • Eduardo Soto
  • Magda Martínez
  • Rosalía Ramírez
  • David Saavedra
  • Armando Coria
  • Lourdes Paz
  • Paola Flores
  • Victor Vogoro
  • Libia Regalado
  • Jesús Adrián
  • Mike Bustos
  • Álvaro Hernández
  • Fernando Pérez
  • Andrés Pardave
  • Mari Trini Cerecedo
  • Ana Elena Saldívar
  • Samuel Gallegos
  • Ivonne Morales
  • Jimy Heffner
  • Rodrigo Cachero
  • Leonardo Unda
  • Everardo Jasso
  • Paco Monteros
  • Paco Salazar
  • Oscar D`Motta
  • Edith Zamudio
  • Berenice Ivette
  • Víctor Vigoro
  • Jorge Capín
  • Lilian Nissen
  • Luis Romo
  • Gabriela Tapia
  • Guillermo Avil
  • Raúl Nava
  • Roberto Ibarra
  • Mariany
  • Liceara Ibarra
  • Rosa Alicia Rojas
  • Esther Rinaldi
  • Raúl Huitrón
  • Lilian Pillon
  • Julio César "Fido"
  • Andreas Pears
  • Yazmin Yris Sol
  • Julián Velázquez
  • Roberto Munguía
  • Theo Tapia
  • Rodrigo Neri
  • Esteban Franco
  • Eduardo Lugo
  • Rafael Sante
  • Erick Rebatet


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