Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia. The Artigas Mausoleum can be seen in the centre, the beginning of 18 de Julio avenue with Palacio Salvo to its right in the background.
Plaza Independencia, Montevideo

Plaza Independencia (Spanish for Independence Square) is the name of Montevideo's most important plaza. It separates Ciudad Vieja from downtown Montevideo, with the Gateway of The Citadel on one side and the beginning of 18 de Julio avenue on the other.

In the center, the Artigas Mausoleum dominates the perspective.

Many important buildings, such as the Solís Theatre and the workplaces of the President of Uruguay (both the Estévez Palace and the Executive Tower) are located by this square.

One of the characteristic buildings located by the square is Palacio Salvo. This square was designed in the 1830s by Carlo Zucchi, inspired in the Rue de Rivoli, Paris. Three decades later it was redesigned by Bernardo Poncini.


In May and June 2009 an exhibition of the "United Buddy Bears" was held in the square, for the second on the American continent.

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Vision 360° from Plaza Independencia, showing the surrounding.

Coordinates: 34°54′23.4″S 56°11′59.1″W / 34.906500°S 56.199750°W / -34.906500; -56.199750

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