Plastics (band)

Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres New wave, post-punk, synthpop
Years active 1976–1981
Labels Rough Trade
Island (UK)
Victor Musical Industries, Inc
Associated acts Melon
Tycoon Tosh
Group of Gods
Love T.K.O
Major Force
Hajime Tachibana & the Low Powers
Past members Chica Sato
Toshio Nakanishi
Hajime Tachibana
Masahide Sakuma
Takemi Shima
Gota Yashiki

Plastics, or The Plastics, were a short-lived Japanese new wave music group prominent in the late 1970s and early 1980s.[1] Their music was a major influence on Japanese pop music and their songs have been covered by many bands, most notably Polysics, Pizzicato Five, and Stereo Total.

Perhaps their greatest exposure came from their appearance on the late night comedy show SCTV on NBC performing "Top Secret Man". In September 2007, Rolling Stone Japan rated their debut album Welcome Plastics at No. 19 on their list of the "100 Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time".[2]

Stereo Total's cover of their song "I Love You, Oh No" (Stereo Total changed the title slightly, to "I Love You Ono") was used in television commercials for Sony Ericsson in Europe around 2006 and by Dell Computers in the USA in 2009.[3]


The bands Talking Heads, The B-52's and Devo were all big fans of Plastics and were instrumental in getting their albums released in the United States. Their mainstream exposure began when Toshio Nakanishi designed a tour program book for Talking Heads and slipped David Byrne a tape of Plastics demos. Byrne promptly sent it to the B-52's' manager who offered to represent them internationally.






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