Type Palt
Place of origin Sweden
Region or state Piteå
Main ingredients Potatoes, wheat or barley flour, salt
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Pitepalt, see palt, is a Swedish dish related to kroppkakor or meat-filled dumplings, and named after the city of Piteå, thought to be its place of origin.


This dish has many varieties. Pitepalt are mostly made of raw potatoes and barley flour. For kroppkakor, pre-boiled potatoes and wheat flour are used. This gives kroppkakor (dumplings) a slightly lighter color.


Potatoes, wheat flour or barley flour, salt and pork are common ingredients in pitepalt. Some recipes also mention onions but it's not that common. Sometimes blood is also added, making the palt very dark and changing its name to blodpalt.


This dish is traditionally eaten with butter and lingonberry jam.

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