Pindad SS2

Pindad SS2

The Pindad SS2-V1 assault rifle
Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Indonesia
Service history
In service 2006–present
Used by See Users
Wars Insurgency in Aceh
Production history
Manufacturer Pindad
Unit cost 500 USD[1]
Produced 2005–present
Variants See Variants
  • 3.4 kg (empty)
  • 4.2 kg (loaded)
Length 990 mm (With buttstock extended), 740 mm (With buttstock retracted)
Barrel length
  • SS2-V1 460 mm
  • SS2-V2 403 mm
  • SS2-V4 460 mm
  • SS2-V5 252 mm

Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO
Caliber 5.56mm
Action Gas-Operated, long stroke piston, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 650–675 rpm
Effective firing range 500 m
Feed system Various STANAG magazines.
Sights Iron sights, but optical sights are possible with the Picatinny rail provision. Optical sight is a standard feature in SS2-V4 variant.

The SS2 (short for Indonesian: Senapan Serbu 2, "Assault Rifle 2") is a replacement for the Pindad SS1 created by PT Pindad.[2] It had been seen during the ASEAN Army Rifles contest by foreign media in 2006[3] aside from exposure by local Indonesian media.

The SS2 assault rifles are currently being pressed into service with the Indonesian military and police. They will gradually replace the SS1 assault rifles which have been in service with the security forces since the 1990s.


The SS2 was first ordered by the Indonesian military in 2002[4] and in 2003.[4] It had then been announced that the rifle was launched in 2005[5][6] 150 SS2-V4s were purchased in 2007.[7] A SS2 with a solid stock, known as the SS2-V3 would have been produced by Pindad, but was rejected.[8]

The Indonesian Army placed an order of 15,000 SS2s to replace their stock of SS1s back in 2005[5] with an additional order of 10,000 SS2s in 2006.[9][10] Its first combat use was with Indonesian troops armed with SS2s in Aceh.[11]

Bangladesh has expressed some interests in acquiring the SS2 after a delegation had visited the PT Pindad office and its facilities in Indonesia.[12] The SS2s were shown abroad in Malaysia during the Defences Services Asia Exhibition and Conference 2010.[13]

Both Brunei and Iraq have expressed recent interest in purchasing SS2s for their militaries.[14][15] Myanmar has expressed interest in purchasing SS2 rifles despite a statement from Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa that it was not true.[16] Col. Jan Pieter Ate of the Indonesian Defense Ministry expressed his concerns that SS2 rifles can be used to threaten other countries and on civilians while University of Indonesia security analyst Andi Widjajanto said that selling the rifles to the country can help improve relations while allowing the black market to lose its presence there.[17]

Pindad plans to market the weapon to third world countries such as the Congo, Iran and Uganda.[18]


The SS2 is an upgrade of the Pindad SS1, being a licensed version of the FN FNC. The SS2's flash suppressor is based on that of the Colt M16A2, and it has a reciprocating charging handle that can be used for forward assist, with the front sight being based on the AK rifles.[19][20] The carrying handle and detachable rear sight is placed on top of Picatinny railings.[19] Most of the SS2 rifle variants can have its carry handle removed in order to gain access to its picatinny railings to install various optics.[20]

The rifle's front handguard is of a ribbed design, with heat ventilation holes.[20] This design improves barrel cooling in situations when sustained fire is performed.[20] The SS2's barrels were originally produced in Germany before Pindad switched to South Korean-made barrels due to arms embargo problems at the time.[19] The charging handle is on the right side of the SS2 with the fire/safety selector on the left side with provision for single and full auto fire alongside safe mode.[21] Upper and lower receivers are made from aluminum alloy and are connected via cross pins.[21]



A new rifle based on the SS1, being replaced in the Indonesian military after tests had been conducted from 2003–2005. It has been adopted by Indonesian security forces in 2006.[22] It has a carrying handle that can be replaced with a scope for scope mounting on a Picatinny rail and a side-folding stock.[6] It is the only rifle variant that the Pindad SPG-1A underbarrel grenade launcher can be used.[20]


A carbine version of the SS2-V1.[21]



Carrying handle replaced with a Picatinny rail for scope mounting as a designated marksman rifle. Said to be for the use of Indonesian special forces. The front sight has been removed and the barrel lengthened and accurized to improve accuracy.[23]



A compact version of the SS2-V1.[21] Unveiled at the Indo Defence & Aerospace exhibition in 2008.[21][24]


A sub-variant of the SS2-V5, these are produced for BRIMOB forces.[25][26] These were publicly unveiled in 2012.[26]


A sub-variant of the SS2-V5, these are produced for Kopassus forces.[26] These were publicly unveiled in 2012.[26]


Potential users


According to those who have fired the SS2, among the major faults of the assault rifle include a good cheek piece support.[26] The handgrip's shape is criticized for being too tubular, although it's being changed to accommodate picatinny railings.[26]

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