Phum Duang River

The Phum Duang River (Thai: แม่น้ำพุมดวง, rtgs: Maenam Phum Duang, Thai pronunciation: [mɛ̂ːnáːm pʰum duəŋ]) (rarely also called the Khiri Rat River) is a river in Surat Thani Province, southern Thailand, the main tributary of the Tapi River.

The rivers drains an area of 6,125 square kilometres (2,365 sq mi) west of the Tapi watershed, mainly the eastern slopes of the Phuket mountain range. It joins the estuary of the Tapi 5 kilometres (3 mi) west of Surat Thani in Phunphin District.

Coordinates: 9°05′55″N 99°13′44″E / 9.0985°N 99.2289°E / 9.0985; 99.2289

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