Philippe de Nanteuil

Philippe de Nanteuil
Nationality France
Occupation knight, trouvère
Known for Crusades, poetry

Philippe de Nanteuil was a French knight and troubadour. He inherited the seigneurie of Nanteuil-le-Haudouin from his father, also Philippe de Nanteuil. He was a vassal of Thibaut de Champagne, king of Navarre and trouvère, and became his friend.[1]:48


In 1239 Gautier de Brienne, the count of Jaffa, was taken prisoner by the Ayyubids together with many French crusaders.[2] De Nanteuil was among them, and was imprisoned in Cairo. There he wrote a chanson, En chantant veil mon duel faire,[3]:221 critical of the Military Orders.[4]:60


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