Phil Winslade

Phil Winslade
Born 1965
Nationality British
Area(s) Penciller, Inker

Phil Winslade is a British comic book artist.


Winslade was born in Surrey in 1965 and spent a lot of time indoors as a child because of a heart murmur. His main source of entertainment were Marvel like Howard the Duck and Deathlok. However, it wasn't until he attended Birmingham Polytechnic, to study art, that the idea of working in the industry was rekindled. Here he met Steve Pugh who was already active in comic art.[1]

He produced commercial artwork after college before showing his portfolio to Garth Ennis at a comic convention in Coventry, where he got the job drawing Goddess.[1] Before that project started he worked on Crisis and Revolver as well as inking Steve Dillon's work on Car Warriors for Epic. During this period he also worked on Elaine Lee's Skin Tight Orbit and was pencilled in as the artist for The Red Seas, with Ian Edginton when it was going to be run by Epic, but he was too busy with Goddess.

Since then he has worked for Marvel, DC and 2000 AD.


His work has won him a 1997 National Cartoonists Society nomination for Best Comic Book.

He was nominated for the 1996 "Best Cover Artist" and "Best Painter" Eisner Award for his work on Vertigo's Goddess and Vamps: Hollywood & Vein.[2]


Comics work includes:



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