Peruvian migration to Japan

Peruvians in Japan
Peruanos en Japón
Zainichi Perūjin
Total population
52,842 (2011)
Regions with significant populations
Greater Tokyo Area, Chūkyō Metropolitan Area (near Nagoya)[1]
Related ethnic groups
Peruvian people, Japanese people, Japanese Peruvians, Brazilians in Japan

There were estimated to be 52,842 Peruvians in Japan as of 2011. With a majority of them being descendants of earlier Japanese immigrants to Peru, while the rest are of other ethnicities.[2]

Migration history

In 1990, Japan introduced a new ethnicity-based immigration policy which aimed to encourage Japanese descendants overseas to come to Japan and fill the country's need for foreign workers.[2] From 1992 to 1997, data from Peru's Ministry of the Interior showed Japan as the fourteenth-most popular destination for Peruvian emigrants, behind the Netherlands and ahead of Costa Rica.[3]



There are the following Peruvian international schools (ペルー学校) in Japan:



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