Persib Bandung

Persib Bandung
Full name Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Bandung
  • Maung Bandung
    (The Bandung Tigers)
  • Pangeran Biru
    (The Blue Prince)
Founded 14 March 1933 (1933-03-14) (as Bandoeng Inlandsche Voetbal Bond)
Ground Jalak Harupat Soreang Stadium (main venue)
Ground Capacity 27,000
Owner PT. Persib Bandung Bermartabat
President Glenn Sugita
Head coach Djadjang Nurdjaman
League Indonesia Soccer Championship A
2014 Indonesia Super League, Champions
Website Club home page

Persib Bandung, or Persib [per sib], is a professional Indonesian football club based in Bandung, West Java. They currently compete in the Indonesia Soccer Championship A.


Foundation and early years (1933–1940)

Before Persib was formed, football in Bandung started with the formation of Bandoeng Inlandsche Voetbal Bond (BIVB) in 1923. It was at that time a nationalist-minded association with Syamsudin as the owner which was then forwarded to the son of the Indonesian heroines Dewi Sartika, R. Atot. BIVB then disappeared and two other associations surfaced, which are Bandung Indonesian Football Association Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Bandung (PSIB) and National Voetball Bond (NVB). On 14 March 1933, the two associations and several other teams, such as SIAP, Soenda, Singgalang, Diana, Sun, Ovu, RAN, HBOM, JOP, MALTA, and Merapi, agreed to merge and a new association was born named Persib with Anwar St. Pamoentjak as chairman. During the early years, they became runner-up in the 1933, 1934 and 1936 Perserikatan seasons. Ultimately became champion for the first time in the 1939 season.[1]

Perserikatan era (1940–1994)

During the 1950s, Aang Witarsa and Anas became the first players that was called up to the Indonesia national football team. During this period, Persib became one of the elite teams in Indonesian football, by winning their second Perserikatan title in 1961. As a result, Persib was sent to compete in the Aga Khan Gold Cup. One of the star from the team was Emen "Guru" Suwarman. Persib did not gained any significant achievement until crowned as runner-up in the 1966 season.[2]

The 1970s was the darkest time for Persib, culminating with their relegation to the First Division in the 1978–79 season. The club did a youth player development revolution by hiring Polish coach Marek Janota to lead the youth squad and Risnandar Soendoro managing the senior squad. The combination of the two teams managed to promote Persib back to the Premier Division. The team consist of now famous players such as Robby Darwis, Adeng Hudaya, Adjat Sudrajat, Suryamin, Dede Iskandar, Boyke Adam, Sobur, Sukowiyono, Giantoro, Kosasih B, Encas Tonif and Iwan Sunarya. Persib then became two-time runners-up in the 1982–83 and 1984–85 seasons.[3]

In 1985, Ateng Wahyudi became the new chairman replacing Solihin GP. One year after, Persib again became champion in 1986 beating Perseman Manokwari 1–0. Persib managed to become champion again in 1990, beating Persebaya Surabaya 2–0. First team players from this time was Samai Setiadi, Ade Mulyono, Asep Sumantri, Dede Rosadi, Yusuf Bachtiar, Sutiono Lamso, Yana Rodiana, Sarjono, Sidik Djafar and Djadjang Nurdjaman.[4]

Ateng Wahyudi was then replaced by Wahyu Hamijaya in 1993 as chairman of Persib. They then became champion in the last season of Perserikatan by beating PSM Makassar 2–0. As the last champion of Perserikatan and as a result of the merger of Perserikatan and Galatama which became Liga Indonesia Premier Division, Persib was allowed to keep the President Cup, the name of the Perserikatan Trophy, forever.[5]

Modern era and recent history (1994–present)

Persib became the first champion of the newly formed Liga Indonesia Premier Division by beating Petrokimia Putra 1–0.[5] In 1995, Persib also managed to perform until the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League. Despite the traditions and winning the first edition of the Liga Indonesia Premier Division, Persib have endured a difficult time. They have used many local and international coaches such as Marek Andrzej Sledzianowski, Juan Antonio Paez, Arcan Iurie, Risnandar Soendoro, Indra Thohir, and Jaya Hartono, but their best finish was finishing third in the 2008–09 Indonesia Super League.[6][7]

As a result of the regulations of Permendagri No. 13/2006 which was revised to Permendagri No. 59/2007, where professional clubs are no longer allowed to use government budget, 36 members as the stakeholders of Persib gave a mandate to the former Mayor of Bandung Dada Rosada to save Persib so it can still enter the competition. PT. Persib Bandung Bermartabat was then founded on 20 August 2009 as the legal basis of the club.[8]

In 2012, Persib hired former player Djadjang Nurdjaman as their new head coach.[9] In 2013, Persib cannot use Siliwangi Stadium for official matches, because PSSI have degraded the class-level of the stadium to be only used as a training field.[10] Persib then used Jalak Harupat Soreang Stadium as a permanent home base.[11] On 8 September 2014, Persib got the license as a professional club.[12]

In 2014, after nineteen years without any major trophy, Persib managed to win the 2014 Indonesia Super League by beating Persipura Jayapura in the 2014 ISL Final. Ferdinand Sinaga also got the Best Player award for 2014.[13]

Colours and badge

The club colors are officially blue and white.[14] The team's badge is similar with the seal of Bandung. The logo was used because during the early years of Perserikatan, Persib was seen as the representative of the Sundanese people[15]


Kit providers


Persib play their home matches at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, after moving from Si Jalak Harupat Stadium.[20][21][22]

Stadion Gelora Bandung Lautan Api

Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium during construction in 2013
Location Gedebage District, Bandung, West Java
Coordinates 6°57′31″S 107°42′41″E / 6.95861°S 107.71139°E / -6.95861; 107.71139
Owner Bandung City Government
Operator PT.Persib Bandung Bermartabat
Capacity 38,000 (seats)/72,000 (standing)[23]
Surface Manila grass
Broke ground October 2009
Opened March 2013 (Soft launching)
Construction cost $40 Million
Architect Penta Architecture
Persib Bandung (2016–present)

Training ground

For the primary training ground and flat for players, Persib uses Persib Stadium at Ahmad Yani Road, which was formerly known as Sidolig Stadium. The training ground uses synthetic turf.[24]

Club culture

Supporter & mascot

Supporters display a celebration during a match in Si Jalak Harupat Stadium.

Persib's supporters are called Bobotoh, which means the ones who supports individuals competing in a competition.[25] There are many big supporter groups, but the most famous groups are Viking Persib Club, Bomber (Bobotoh Maung Bandung Bersatu), The Bomb's and Flowers City Casuals.[8][26] The number of Persib supporters are estimated to be around 5,3 to 5,5 million all around Indonesia.[27][28] Viking have a good relationship with Bonek, Persebaya Surabaya supporters.

The mascot of Persib is the Maung Bandung (The Bandung Tigers).[29]

Sponsorship History

With a large numbers of supporters in Indonesia especially in the West Java Province, Persib Bandung is on top of the list of club that has the most dedicated fans in Indonesia.[30] Combine with the club achievement in Indonesia Super League (ISL) and large amount number of supporters, the club also considered as one of the successful club in term of sponsorship history in Indonesia. The past and current sponsorship agreement included international Sports brand such as Diadora, Joma and Mitre. Japanese Automobile Brand owned by Nissan, Datsun. Indonesia's telecommunication giant Indosat Ooredoo and Indofood one of the biggest food manufacturer in Indonesia.


Persib have rivalries with Persebaya Surabaya, PSMS Medan and PSM Makassar rooting from the Perserikatan era.[31]

But nowadays, Persib have a rivalry with Persija Jakarta. This derby is usually called as the Old Indonesia derby. Some people also call it as El Clasico Indonesia. However, this rivalry is seen more as a rivalry between both supporters. It have turned into hostility between both clubs hard-line supporters, Persib's Bobotoh and Persija's Jakmania. Influenced by the media and some individuals that want the hostility to be preserved, many hostile incidents have occurred until today. The latest incident happened in 2016 when one Persib supporter was beaten to death by tens of Persija supporters. He was beaten to death when he was on his way to Wibawa Mukti Stadium in Jl. Raya Inspeksi Kalimalang, to watch the Persib vs Persegres Gresik United match. They threw rocks and helmets at him when he was in his motorcycle, and then hit him using their fists, rocks, blunt objects, and sharp weapons after he fell to the ground.[32]


Persib was previously owned by city government and its budget was allocated from the city budget. In accordance with the regulations of Permendagri No. 13/2006 which was revised to Permendagri No. 59/2007, professional clubs are no longer allowed to use government budget. This conditions forced 36 Football Union as the stakeholder of Persib agreed to give a mandate to the former Bandung Mayor Dada Rosada to save Persib so it can still enter the competition. PT. Persib Bandung Bermartabat then founded on 20 August 2009 as the legal basis of the club.[8]

Erick Thohir, the owner of Mahaka Media, Viva Media, Philadelphia 76ers, Satria Muda BritAma Jakarta, D.C. United and Inter Milan, is one of the commissioner in PT. Persib Bandung Bermartabat.[33]

Affiliated clubs


First team squad

As of October 12th 2016.[35]
No. Name Nat. Birth Pos.
1 Muhammad Natshir Indonesia 13/02/1993 GK
21 Muhammad Ridwan Indonesia 26/03/1991 GK
78 I Made Wirawan Indonesia 01/12/1981 GK
2 Purwaka Yudhi Indonesia 11/04/1984 CB
3 Vladimir Vujović Montenegro 23/07/1982 CB
4 Dias Angga Indonesia 06/05/1989 RB
5 Diogo Ferreira Australia 05/10/1989 CB, DM, RB
6 Tony Sucipto Indonesia 12/02/1986 LB, DM, CB
18 Jajang Sukmara Indonesia 18/11/1988 RB, LB
31 Yanto Basna Indonesia 12/06/1995 CB, RB
7 Atep Indonesia 05/06/1985 Forward
8 Muhammad Taufiq Indonesia 29/11/1986 DM, CM
10 Robertino Pugliara Argentina 21/02/1984 AM, CM
17 Rachmad Hidayat Indonesia 10/03/1991 AM, CM
19 Febri Haryadi Indonesia 19/02/1996 LM, RM
23 Kim Kurniawan Indonesia 22/03/1990 DM, CM
24 Hariono Indonesia 02/10/1985 DM, CM
48 Marcos Flores Argentina 23/10/1985 AM, CM
91 David Laly Indonesia 07/11/1991 LM, LW
93 Gian Zola Indonesia 05/08/1998 AM, CM
9 Samsul Arif Indonesia 14/01/1985 ST, LW, RW
15 Yandi Sofyan Indonesia 25/05/1992 ST
33 Sergio van Dijk Indonesia 06/08/1982 ST
54 Zulham Zamrun Indonesia 19/02/1988 RW, LW, ST
82 Tantan Indonesia 06/08/1982 ST, LW, RW

Asian clubs ranking

As of September 22nd 2016.[36]
Current Rank Country Team
87 Indonesia Persib Bandung
88 Iran Mes Kerman
89 Indonesia PBFC
90 Qatar Al Arabi
91 India Bengaluru F.C.

Club officials

Coaching staff

Position Name
Head Coach Djadjang Nurdjaman
Assistant Coach Asep Sumantri and Herri Setiawan
Manager Umuh Muchtar
Goalkeeping Coach Anwar Sanusi
Physical Trainers Yaya Sunarya
Team Doctor Mohammad Raffi Ghani



  • Indonesia Omo Suratmo (1982–1983)
  • Indonesia Ade Dana (1984–1985)
  • Indonesia Nandar Iskandar (1985–1986)
  • Indonesia Ade Dana (1989–1990)
  • Indonesia Indra Thohir (1993–1995)
  • Indonesia Risnandar Soendoro (1995–1996)
  • Indonesia M. Suryamin (1998–2000)

  • Indonesia Indra Thohir (2000)
  • Indonesia Deny Syamsudin (2001–2002)
  • Poland Marek Andrzej Sledzianowski (2003)
  • Chile Juan Antonio Paez (2003–2005)
  • Indonesia Indra Thohir (2005–2006)
  • Indonesia Risnandar Soendoro (2006)
  • Moldova Arcan Iurie (2006–2007)


Past seasons

Season(s) Div. Tms. Pos. Piala Indonesia AFC competition(s)
1994–95 Premier Division 34 1
1995–96 Premier Division 31 Second round Asian Club Championship Quarter-final
1996–97 Premier Division 33 Second round
1997–98 Premier Division 31 Did not finish
1998–99 Premier Division 28 3 in West Div.
1999–00 Premier Division 28 8 in West Div.
2001 Premier Division 28 Second round
2002 Premier Division 24 8 in West Div.
2003 Premier Division 20 16
2004 Premier Division 18 6
2005 Premier Division 28 5 in West Div. Second round
2006 Premier Division 28 12 in West Div. First round
2007–08 Premier Division 36 5 in West Div. Second round
2008–09 Indonesia Super League 18 3 Round of 16
2009–10 Indonesia Super League 18 4 Quarter-final
2010–11 Indonesia Super League 18 7
2011–12 Indonesia Super League 18 8
2013 Indonesia Super League 18 4
2014 Indonesia Super League 22 1
2015 Indonesia Super League 18 Did not finish AFC Champions League Preliminary round 2
AFC Cup Round of 16

AFC competitions

Season Competition Round NAT Club Home Away
1995 Asian Club Championship[40] First round Thailand Bangkok Bank 2–0 1–0
Second round Philippines Pasay City 3–1 1–2
Quarterfinal Japan Verdy Kawasaki 2–3  
Quarterfinal South Korea Ilhwa Chunma 2–5  
Quarterfinal Thailand Thai Farmers Bank 1–2  
2015 AFC Champions League Preliminary Round 2 Vietnam Hanoi T&T   0–4
AFC Cup Group stage Maldives New Radiant 4–1 1–0
Group stage Myanmar Ayeyawady United 3–3 1–1
Group stage Laos Lao Toyota FC 1–0 0–0
Round of 16 Hong Kong Kitchee SC 0–2


Domestic competitions

National leagues

National cups

International competitions

See also


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