Pericardiacophrenic veins

Pericardiacophrenic veins

The thoracic aorta, viewed from the left side. (Pericardiacophrenic veins not labeled, but pericardiacophrenic artery labeled at center left.)
Drains to brachiocephalic vein
Artery pericardiacophrenic artery
Latin venae pericardiacophrenicae
TA A12.3.04.007
FMA 70830

Anatomical terminology

Pericardiacophrenic veins are the vena comitans of the pericardiacophrenic arteries. Pericardiacophrenic vessels accompany the phrenic nerve in the Middle Mediastinum of the Thorax. The artery is a branch of the internal thoracic artery. The vein drains into the internal thoracic(or brachiocephalic)vein.



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