Untuk Negeri Kita

Untuk Negeri Kita
English: For Our State

State anthem of  Penang

Lyrics James W Boyle
Music James W Boyle

Untuk Negeri Kita (English: For Our State) is the state anthem of Penang. It was written and composed by James W Boyle (1922-1971). It was first played on 22 December 1972 in the birthday celebration of the then Yang di-Pertua Negeri of Penang, Tun Syed Sheh Hassan Barakbah.


Selamat Tuhan kurniakan,
Selamat Pulau Pinang,
Negeriku yang mulia,
Kutaat dan setia,
Aman dan bahagia,
Majulah jayalah,
Negeriku yang ku cinta,
Bersatu dan bersama,
Untuk negeri kita

English translation

May God grant safety,
Safety to Penang,
My noble state,
To which I am loyal and faithful,
Peaceful and cheerful,
May you progress and succeed,
My state which I love,
United and together,
For our state


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