Paul Waley

Paul Waley is a scholar of Human Geography at the University of Leeds. Grand nephew of the famous scholar Arthur Waley, the younger Waley is also a noted scholar and author and specializes in Japan.


Waley started his career as a news reporter in Taiwan. In 1977, he relocated to Japan and was a journalist for The Japan Times. During this time in Japan, Waley also published books about Tokyo, a city for which his affection is very apparent. Waley later returned to the United Kingdom, completed his Ph.D., and then assumed his current position as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds.

Literary Works and Writing Style

Waley has published many articles in academic journals and one book on the historical and human geography of Tokyo. His articles also expand into other geographical areas, such as the periphery of Tokyo, Taipei and the Balkans.

His popular books and journalistic writings are targeted at the English speaking with an interest in Japan.

Selected bibliography

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