Patrick Conrad

Patrick Conrad (born 16 July 1945 in Antwerp) is a Flemish poet, screenwriter and novelist, and one of the founders of The Pink Poets. He also directed about twenty movies for cinema and television, including – selected for the Cannes Festival – Mascara with Charlotte Rampling and Michael Sarazin. He is also working as a painter and had two retrospective exhibitions of his work: in 1975 (Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp) and 2005 (Museum Elzenveld, Antwerp). He lives in Provence, in the south of France.


Some of Conrads work has been translated in the UK (Random House), the U.S.A. (Viking Press) and Germany (Verlagshaus n°8) In 2012 Starr was published by Bitter Lemon Press under the title NO SALE (Translation Jonathan Lynn);




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