Patricia A. Berglund

Patricia A. Berglund is a Senior Research Associate in the Survey Methodology Program at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. She has extensive experience in the use of SAS for data management and analysis, and has written extensively on the subject.[1] She is involved in development, implementation, and teaching of analysis courses and computer training programs in the Survey Methodology Program at the Institute for Social Research. She is currently working on a variety of research projects including the Army STARRS project, the National Survey of Family Growth, and in the mental health field using data from the National Comorbidity Surveys, World Mental Health Surveys, and various other national and international surveys.[2] Berglund was included in the 2014 Thomson Reuters list of most-cited researchers in the Psychiatry and Psychology.[3]

Berglund earned a BA in music and an MBA from Northwestern University. She is an advocate for the expansion of screening and improvement in treatment quality for major depressive disorder, arguing that failure to make prompt initial treatment contact is a pervasive shortcoming of mental health care in the United States.[4]


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