Patlıcanlı kebap

For the stew, see Patlıcan kebabı.
Patlıcanlı kebap

Patlıcanlı kebap[1] (Turkish: patlıcanlı kebap, "eggplant kebab") is a type of Turkish kebab; it consists of pieces of eggplant and fine-chopped (not minced) meat such as beef and lamb skewered on a grill,[2] or baked in a pan in an oven,[3] with spices such as pepper, and eaten with raw onions and a soft Turkish flatbread, called yufka, or with lavaş.

In the area of Gaziantep, Antakya and other parts of Southern Turkey, people traditionally would prepare a tray of patlıcanlı kebap from leftover eggplant and chicken meat at home, then take it to a local bakery to be cooked in the wood-fired oven.[3]

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