Path to the Draft

Path to the Draft
Starring Paul Burmeister, Mike Mayock and Charles Davis
Country of origin United States
Running time 30 minutes
Original network NFL Network
Original release 2007

Path to the Draft is a television show on the NFL Network. The program debuted on February 12, 2007 and is scheduled to run for 50 episodes, with analysis of the NFL Draft.


Program schedule

The first week of shows ranked the top players in the draft at each position. The show then took a break until the NFL Scouting Combine in late February, on which two shows aired.

The program resumed on March 1, following the combine, and will appear five days a week until the day of the draft on April 28.

Basic structure

Each program contains in-depth analysis of the best draft-eligible players at each position, a "first draft" video diary of a top prospect, and an "on the clock" feature which focuses on each team's draft needs.

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