Legislative Assembly of Macau

Legislative Assembly of Macau
Assembleia Legislativa de Macau

Oumùhn Laahpfaat Wúih
5th Legislative Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Ho Iat Seng
Since 16 October 2013
Vice President
Lam Heong Sang
Since 16 October 2013
First Secretary
Chui Sai Cheong
Since 16 October 2009
Second Secretary
Kou Hoi In
Since 20 December 1999
Seats 33
Political groups

pro-Beijing (29)
     ACUM (3)
     UMG (2)
     UPP (2)
     MUDM (1)
     UPD (1)
     Mudar (1)
     OMKC (4)
     OMCY (3)
     CCCAE (2)
     União Excelente (2)
     APSSE (1)
     CE Appointments (7)

Pan-democracy (4)
     AMN (2)

     NE (2)
Last election
15 September 2013
Meeting place
Macau Legislative Assembly Building
Legislative Assembly

Traditional Chinese 立法會
Simplified Chinese 立法会

The Legislative Assembly (AL; Portuguese: Assembleia Legislativa; Traditional Chinese: 立法會; Simplified Chinese: 立法会) is the organ of the legislative branch of Macau. It is a 33-member body comprising 14 directly elected members, 12 indirectly elected members representing functional constituencies and 7 members appointed by the chief executive. It is located at .

It is also known in English as the Legislative Council of Macao, according to the official translation of the territory's basic law.[1]


The Assembly has the following charter:

  1. To enact, amend, suspend or repeal laws;
  2. To examine and approve budgets; and examine the report on audit;
  3. To decide on taxation and approve debts to be undertaken by the government
  4. To debate the policy addresses by the Chief Executive;
  5. To debate any issue concerning public interests;
  6. To receive and handle complaints from Macau residents

Election results

 Summary of the 15 September 2013 Legislative Assembly of Macau election results
Political affiliation
Popular votes
% of Votes
Change in
% of vote
Net change
in seats
13 United Citizens Association of Macau (ACUM) 26,385 18.02 Increase6.02 3 Increase1
8 Macau-Guangdong Union (UMG) 16,248 11.09 Increase3.79 2 Increase1
14 Union for Promoting Progress (UPP) 15,816 10.80 Increase0.90 2 Increase1
9 New Hope (NE) 13,118 8.96 Decrease0.14 2 Increase1
1 New Union for Macau’s Development (NUDM) 13,086 8.94 Decrease1.00 1 Steady
6 Union for Development (UPD) 11,961 8.17 Decrease6.71 1 Decrease1
19 Prosperous Democratic Macau Association[nb 1] (APMD) 10,986 7.50 Decrease4.08 1 Decrease1
5 New Democratic Macau Association[nb 1] (ANMD) 8,826 6.03 Decrease1.74 1 Steady
12 Alliance for Change (Mudar) 8,755 5.98 Increase0.44 1 Steady
7 Civil Watch (Cívico) 5,524 3.57 Decrease0.19 0 Steady
20 Caring Macau (CPM) 5,323 3.63 N/A 0 Steady
2 New Macau Liberals[nb 1] (LNM) 3,227 2.20 N/A 0 Steady
11 Association for Together Efforts to Improve the Community (MAC) 2,306 1.57 N/A 0 Steady
18 Innovative Action (AI) 1,641 1.12 N/A 0 Steady
10 Macau Ideals (IM) 1,006 0.69 N/A 0 Steady
3 Activism for Democracy Association (AAPD) 923 0.63 N/A 0 Steady
4 Association for Promotion of Civic Rights (APDC) 848 0.58 N/A 0 Steady
16 Supervision by the Lower Class (SPCB) 368 0.25 N/A 0 Steady
15 Workers' Movement Front (MO) 227 0.15 N/A 0 Steady
17 Democratic Society Alliance (ALDES) 179 0.12 N/A 0 Steady
Total and Turnout 151,881 100 14 Increase2
Valid votes 146,453 96.42
Invalid votes 1,083 0.72
Blank votes 4,345 2.86
Eligible voters 276,034
Functional constituencies and appointed members
Macau Business Interest Union (OMKC) 4 Steady
Employees Association Joint Candidature Commission (CCCAE) 2 Steady
Macau professional Interest Union (OMCY) 3 Increase1
Association for Promotion of Social Services and Education (APSSE) 1 Increase1
Excellent Culture and Sports Union Association (União Excelente) 2 Steady
Members appointed by the Chief Executive 7 Steady

Legislative Assembly Buildings

The Assembly sits at a special Legislative Assembly building, a modern three storey structure located in the Nam Van area. The press has reported that the Assembly shall be moving to a new building within the next few years.

From 1784 to 1999, the Assembly met at the Leal Senado Building.

Selection Methods

According to the Basic Law of Macau, the number of directly elected legislators has increased from 10 to 12 in 2005, bringing the number of legislators to 29. After 2009, the selection of the Chief Executive may be changed by endorsement of the Legislative Assembly and approval by the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee.

To change the method for forming the Legislative Assembly require a endorsement of the assembly, agreement by the Chief Executive, and notification to the NPC Standing Committee. Civic organisations in Macau are not well-developed. The ability of Macau residents to change their government is significantly restricted.

List of Composition sessions

  supermajority   majority   plurality   minority

Seats President
Seats Minority
Pan-establishment camp 22 Susana Chou Vaz da Luz
(Chou Kei Jan)
1 Pro-democratic camp 23
Pan-establishment camp 25 Susana Chou Vaz da Luz
(Chou Kei Jan)
2 Pro-democratic camp 27
Pan-establishment camp 26 Susana Chou Vaz da Luz
(Chou Kei Jan)
3 Pro-democratic camp 29
Pan-establishment camp 25 Lau Cheok Vá 4 Pro-democratic camp 29
Pan-establishment camp 29 Ho Iat Seng 4 Pro-democratic camp 33

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  1. 1 2 3 These are the three electoral lists of New Macau Association
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