Type Daily newspaper (Monday to Saturday)
Owner(s) Presspublica
Publisher Presspublica publishing house
Editor-in-chief Jakub Kurasz
Founded 1990 (1990)
Political alignment Liberal
Language Polish
Headquarters Warsaw
Circulation 7,400 (2012)
Sister newspapers Rzeczpospolita
Website Parkiet

Parkiet Gazeta Gieldy or more commonly Parkiet (literally Trading Floor in English)[1] is a Polish language newspaper published in Poland. The paper focuses on business and financial news.

History and profile

Parkiet, based in Warsaw, was launched in 1990.[2] The publisher was Parkiet Ltd.[3] It is published from Monday to Saturday.[2] In 2005, the paper was bought by its current publisher and owner Presspublica publishing house,[2] a subsidiary of the British company Mecom.[4] The company also publishes the daily Rzeczpospolita and the weekly magazine Uwazam Rze.[1][2][5] In 2009 the company merged editing team of the paper with the economy editor of Rzeczpospolita.[1] In October 2011 the owner of the paper, Presspublica, was bought by Polish businessman Grzegorz Hajdarowicz.[5]

Parkiet of which editor-in-chief is Jakub Kurasz supports liberal economy.[2][6] The paper focuses exclusively on the news and analyses related to the Warsaw stock exchange.[7] It publishes detailed analysis of the stock market and also, quote estimates.[1] In 2012, the paper signed a memorandum of understanding for the capital with the Warsaw stock exchange.[6]


Parkiet's circulation was 16,000 copies both in 1999 and 2000.[3] The circulation of Parkiet was 13,018 copies in January-February 2001.[3] In 2006, the paper had a circulation of 11,225 copies.[8] The circulation of the paper was 11,243 copies in 2008 and 8,687 copies in 2009.[9] In 2010 the paper had a circulation of 8,082 copies.[9] Its circulation was 7,851 copies in 2011.[9] Its 2012 circulation was 7,400 copies.[2]

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