Палача (Serbian)[1]
Coordinates: HR 45°24′39″N 18°43′12″E / 45.41083°N 18.72000°E / 45.41083; 18.72000Coordinates: HR 45°24′39″N 18°43′12″E / 45.41083°N 18.72000°E / 45.41083; 18.72000
Country  Croatia
County Osijek-Baranja
Municipality Šodolovci
Population (2011)
  Total 241
Time zone Central European Time (UTC+1)

Palača (Serbian: Палача)[2] is a small village in Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia. It is part of the Šodolovci municipality and it has a population of 241 (census 2011).[3]

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