Paddy Buckley Round

Coordinates: 53°07′10″N 4°07′52″W / 53.11931°N 4.13112°W / 53.11931; -4.13112

Capel Curig to Moel Siabod

The Paddy Buckley Round, also known as "Welsh Classical Round",[1] is a long distance fell running challenge in Snowdonia, Wales. The route is a circuit of just over 100 km long taking in some 47 summits. The Round has the reputation of being somewhat tougher to complete than its English Lake District equivalent, the Bob Graham Round.

Although no official time limit is set, an arbitrary 24 hours is applied, although the first completer exceeded the original aim of 24 hours.

Runners may start at any point on the circular route (finishing at the same place) and may run the course in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The route takes in the well known high mountain ranges of Snowdon, the Glyderau and the Carneddau as well as the slightly less visited ranges of Moel Siabod, the Moelwynion, Moel Hebog and the Nantlle Ridge. The route was devised by the eponymous Paddy Buckley and first completed in 1982 by Wendy Dodds.[2] The selection of summits that must be visited is somewhat arbitrary and no rules appear to have been applied in selecting them . Generally, it takes in the major peaks of the ranges that are being crossed, then any minor tops that are passed along the way are also included. Some of these tops really are just bumps on the ridge and not really summits in their own right at all.

The fastest known completion of the round was, for many years, by Mark Hartell in 18 hours 10 minutes. On 4 May 2008, this time was matched by Chris Near of Eryri Harriers.[3] Finally, this old record was broken by Tim Higginbottom in July 2009 to set a new record at 17 hours and 42 minutes.[4] The women's record is held by Jasmin Paris with a time of 18 hours and 33 minutes, set in 2016.[5]

The book, "The Welsh Three Thousand Foot Challenges: A Guide for Walkers and Hill Runners" [6] describes a version of the route which avoids the slate quarries, which the fastest line utilises, and also suggest attempting it as a four-day backpacking (lightweight camping) excursion rather than a one-day run.


Below is a list of the summits to be visited, in a clockwise direction, if starting from Llanberis.

Summit Grid reference Altitude/m Approximate cumulative distance/km
1Elidir FachSH6036137953
2Elidir FawrSH6126139244
3Mynydd PerfeddSH6236198126
4Foel GochSH6286118317
5Y GarnSH6305959478
6Glyder FawrSH64257999911
7Glyder FachSH65658299412
Ogwen CottageSH64960330016
9Pen yr Ole WenSH65561997818
10Carnedd DafyddSH663630104418
11Carnedd LlewelynSH683643106423
12Pen yr Helgi DuSH69863083325
13Pen Llithrig y WrachSH71662379927
Capel CurigSH72158220032
14Carnedd Moel SiabodSH70554687236
15Clogwyn Bwlch-y-maenSH67954254839
16Carnedd y CribauSH67653659140
17Cerrig CochionSH66251055043
18Moel MeirchSH66150260744
19Ysgafell WenSH66448765046
20Mynydd Llynnau'r CwnSH66348566946
21Three TopsSH66748167247
22Moel DrumanSH67147667647
Bwlch CwmorthinSH66546247051
24Foel DduSH66945945852
26Moelwyn BachSH66043771055
28Moelwyn MawrSH65844877056
30Bryn BanogSH57645752970
31Moel HebogSH56446978272
32Moel yr OgofSH55647865573
33Moel LefnSH55348563874
34Y GyrnSH55250045276
36Trum y DdysglSH54451670978
37Mynydd Drws-y-coedSH54851869578
38Y GarnSH55152663379
39Craig WenSH59750860886
40Yr AranSH60451574787
41Cribau TregalanSH60553693190
43Garnedd UgainSH610551106592
44Moel CynghorionSH58656367495
45Foel GochSH57056360597
46Foel GronSH56356562998
47Moel EilioSH55657772699

Route profile

Below is a profile of the route, again starting and finishing at Llanberis, running in a clockwise direction.

Paddy Buckley Round profile


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