Şişecam A.Ş. is an industrial group with the main activity fields of glass and chemicals production. The group is in a leading position in business lines covering all basic fields of glass such as float glass, glass household articles, glass packaging and glass fiber as well as soda and chromium compounds.


The Şişecam Holding started its activities in the year 1935 with the first glass facility established in Paşabahçe district of Istanbul, Turkey, in line with the orders given by Atatürk towards setting up and developing the glass industry in Turkey. Ever since 1935, it has been performing the investment and production via the deployment of state-of-the-art technology in the glass industry as well as research and development activities to meet the entirety of essential requirements for glass products in the country. As of the 1960s, Şişecam expanded its operations towards the global markets, growing incessantly in order to rank amongst the most prestigious glass producers of Europe and the world. Şişecam is specialized in all the essential areas of glass making with its main divisions, namely “Glass Tableware”, “Glass Packaging”, “Flat Glass” and “Chemicals”. Glass Tableware Division operates under the brand name “Paşabahçe”, manufacturing soda-ash and crystal glass both hand made and automatic production.

Paşabahçe Glass Industry and Trade Inc. started the production of glass tableware products made of soda-ash through manual production (hand-made) in 1935, and then in 1955 it initiated machine production (automatic), which is regarded as the initi74, the production of heat resistant glass was included.

Paşabahçe made its first exports in 1961. Between 1980 and 2000, Paşabahçe rapidly expanded its operations. The company opened new plants, incorporating the automatic production of soda, crystal and heat resistant glass products. During this period Paşabahçe also gave impetus to technological advancement geared towards quality and efficiency. Concerning automatically prd heat resistant glass, the production is underway in plants located in Kırklareli, Mersin and Eskişehir; while the Denizli plant produces only hand-made products of both crystal and soda-ash glass.

By pursuing a sales and marketing organization outside Turkey and forming logistics hubs in Europe Paşabahçe also initiated investments for production abroad in order to strengthen its position on a global scale. In this context, a glass tableware plant in Posuda, the Russian Federation was bought in 2003. Posuda Ltd. has attained full capacity of production on a new product range with the well-known Paşabahçe quality.

In mid-2004, a joint venture was launched for setting up a completely new automatic glass tableware plant in Bulgaria, Trakya Glass Bulgaria-EAD. This plant began its production a year later, and since then has been providing services to mostly Europe, notably to the Eastern European countries.

“f&d” branded products were launched in April 2007 as a result of intensive R&D activities,. This brand soon became the synonym of durability in crystal glass. Paşabahçe is proud be one of the two companies in Europe that holds a certificate of the EN 12875 standard.

As of 2007, Lara Glass Blocks and Glass Tiles became a brand of Paşabahçe and they continue to be manufactured in the Mersin Plant since 1998 and in Eskisehir Plant since 2010. Paşabahçe continues to invest in the high-growth markets positioning itself by continuously launching and marketing new brands.

Brands of Glass Tableware Products: Pasabahce – Soda Glass Products /Denizli – Handmade Glass Tableware Products /f&d – Crystal Glass Products /Pasabahce Workshop – Colourful Glass Products /Pasabahce Professional – Products For The Horeca Sector /Borcam – Heat Resistant Ovenware /Pasabahce Porcelain – Porcelain Products /Lara – Glass Pavers and Glass Blocks

The companies below are wholly owned subsidiaries of Pasabahce Cam San ve Tic A.S.'s parent company. All actions of affiliated companies are understood to be conducted on behalf of Pasabahce Cam San ve Tic A.S Paşabahçe Glass Industry and Trade Inc.

Moscow Representative Office

Paşabahçe Eskişehir Glass Industry and Trade Inc.

Denizli Glass Industry and Trade Inc.

Paşabahçe Stores Inc.

Paşabahçe Glas GmbH

Paşabahçe Posuda Ltd.

Paşabahçe USA Inc.

Cam İş Packaging Industry Inc.

Thrace Glass Bulgaria EAD Plant

Sisecam Dis Tic. A.S

Sisecam is one of the companies in Turkey using railway effectively with special projects both in inbound and outbound logistics.[1]


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