PubChem (CID) 70678101
ChemSpider 28667155
Chemical and physical data
Formula C26H32O4
Molar mass 408.53
3D model (Jmol) Interactive image

PSB-SB-487 is a coumarin derivative which is an antagonist at the former orphan receptor GPR55. Unlike older GPR55 antagonists such as O-1918, PSB-SB-487 has good selectivity over the related receptor GPR18, with an IC50 of 113nM at GPR55 vs 12500nM at GPR18.[1] However it has poorer selectivity over other related receptors, acting as a weak antagonist at CB1 with a Ki of 1170nM, and a partial agonist at CB2 with a Ki of 292nM.[2]

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