PHA Foundation

PHA Foundation
Formation May 18, 1999 (1999-05-18)
Type GO
Coordinates 33°43′26″N 73°04′51″E / 33.723954°N 73.080738°E / 33.723954; 73.080738Coordinates: 33°43′26″N 73°04′51″E / 33.723954°N 73.080738°E / 33.723954; 73.080738
Region served
Tariq Viqar Bakhshi
Syeda Shafaq Ali (land)
Tafakhar Ali Asadi (finance)
Zaheer Hassan (admin)
M. Musaddaq Khawaja (engg.)

The PHA Foundation, short form for Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation, is a government body based in Islamabad, Pakistan, with offices in Lahore (31°27′15″N 74°14′24″E / 31.454055°N 74.239937°E / 31.454055; 74.239937) and Karachi (24°55′29″N 67°08′33″E / 24.924614°N 67.142528°E / 24.924614; 67.142528). The PHA Foundation controls and helps in building housing societies and communities in modern ways. It was established on May 18, 1999 to help improving housings. This organization is controlled by the Ministry of Housing and Works.[1]


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