PFA Team of the Year

Kenny Sansom appeared in a PFA Team of the Year on 11 occasions, which is more than any other player.
Steven Gerrard holds the record for the most PFA Team of the Year selections in the Premier League era with 8 selections.

The Professional Footballers' Association Team of the Year (often called the PFA Team of the Year, or simply the Team of the Year) is an annual award given to a set of 44 footballers in the top four tiers of English football; the Premier League, the Championship, League One and League Two, who are seen to be deserving of being named in a "Team of the Year". Peter Shilton currently holds the most appearances in the PFA Team of the Year in the top division with 10 appearances. Steven Gerrard currently holds the most appearances in the PFA Team of the Year in the Premier League era with 8 appearances.

The award has been presented since the 1973–74 season and the shortlist is compiled by the members of the players' trade union, the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA), in January of every year, with the winners then being voted for by the other players in their respective divisions.[1][2][3] The award is regarded by players in the Football League as the highest accolade available to them, due to it being picked by their fellow professionals.[2] Oxford United's Damian Batt, who was named in the Team of the Year for League Two in 2011, said he was "very pleased to be given such a prestigious award. It is something that I am very proud of".[4]




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