Overseas Unions rugby union team

Not to be confused with President's Overseas XV.
Overseas Unions[a]
Unions International Rugby Board
First match
Overseas Unions 32 - 13 Five Nations XV
Largest win
Overseas Unions 32 - 13 Five Nations XV
Largest defeat

The Overseas Unions rugby union team was set up to commemorate the centenary of the International Rugby Football Board (IRFB), which would shortly afterwards become the IRB or International Rugby Board. It consisted of players from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

They played one match against a combined Five Nations XV on Saturday, 19 April 1986,[1] and beat them 32-15.[2]

Controversially, the squad included a number of white South Africans at a time when the relationship of rugby union and apartheid was being questioned at high levels.

Team members

Coaching team


The match

Unlike the first celebratory match three days earlier in a wet Cardiff Arms Park, this game was played in ideal conditions at Twickenham.[5] At the time, there were only eight Unions affiliated to the Board, thus only players from those unions were chosen.

April 19, 1986
Five Nations XV 13 32 Overseas Unions XV
Try: Ringland (2)

Con: Blanco
Penalty Goal: Kiernan
Try: Gerber (2)
du Plessis
Con: Botha
Penalty Goal: Botha (2)
Twickenham Stadium, London
Referee: D I H Burnett (Ireland)

Five Nations XV: Serge Blanco ( France); Trevor Ringland ( Ireland), Philippe Sella ( France), Mike Kiernan ( Ireland), Rory Underwood ( England); Malcolm Dacey ( Wales), Richard Hill ( England); Jeff Whitefoot ( Wales), Steve Brain ( England), Iain Milne ( Scotland), Jean Condom ( France), Donal Lenihan ( Ireland) (captain), John Jeffrey ( Scotland), Iain Paxton ( Scotland), Laurent Rodriguez ( France)

Overseas Unions XV: R G Gould ( Australia); J J Kirwan ( New Zealand), D M Gerber ( South Africa), W T Taylor ( New Zealand), C J du Plessis ( South Africa); H E Botha ( South Africa), D S Loveridge ( New Zealand); E E Rodriguez ( Australia), A G Dalton ( New Zealand) (captain), P R van der Merwe ( South Africa), SAG Cutler ( Australia), A M Haden ( New Zealand), S P Poidevin ( Australia), S N Tuynman ( Australia), M W Shaw ( New Zealand)

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