Over the Counter (album)

Over the Counter
Demo album by Snoop Doggy Dogg
Released 1991
Recorded 1990–91
Label Death Row Records
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Over the Counter
Murder Was the Case

Over the Counter is the debut demo album and is the officially unreleased but heavily bootlegged debut studio album by rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg.[1] Guest appearances include Tha Dogg Pound, Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg, Warren G, George Clinton and others. The album was released only on cassette version.[2]


It was this album, and not The Chronic, that was intended to be the debut album for both Snoop and the Death Row brand name. The albums were pulled off the production line and never had any official distribution project for the public market. Due to the fact that Death Row did not have total financial capability for supporting itself as a legitimate record label in 1991, their distributors; Priority Records, Sony Music and Time Warner, could not legally get these albums which they had pressed out to the streets.

Other copies have the white background on the cover and inserts. Those are fake bootlegs pushed by another party. They show Death Row 1991 as the label on the tape backing. On the backings there is a supposed "promo photo" of Snoop with the 187 Highway sign; that photo was not taken until 1993 by Chi Modu! It is to be believed there are a very select few of these tapes that are actually considered authentic. They credit Future Shock Entertainment as the label.[3]

Track listing

Over the Counter — Cassette tape version[4]
1."Over The Counter"  Dr. Dre, Warren G 
2."Dogg's Life" (featuring Nate Dogg)Dr. Dre 
3."Jack Em'" (featuring Convicts)Chocolate 
4."Dope Slang" (with 213)Warren G 
5."Knockin' Off Everything" (featuring 3-2, The D.O.C.)Chocolate 
6."Blast For Cash" (Dr. Dre)Dr. Dre 
7."Let Em' Understand" (featuring Foesum)DJ Glaze05:55
8."The Message"  DJ Glaze02:05
9."211" (featuring RBX)Dr. Dre 
10."Signed And Detected" (featuring Tha Dogg Pound)Dr. Dre, Warren G 
11."Bank Roll"    
12."187"  Dr. Dre04:13
13."C.O.C. Kingpin" (featuring Kurupt)Warren G 
14."Welcome To Death Row" (Bushwick Bill, C.P.O., Chocolate, Convicts, Dr. Dre, RBX, Tha Dogg Pound)Dr. Dre, Warren G 
15."Do You Remember" (featuring George Clinton) 04:04
16."True To The Game"  DJ Glaze04:52
17."County Blues" (bonus track)DJ Aladdin04:11


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