Over She Goes

Over She Goes
Directed by Graham Cutts
Written by Hugh Brooke
Stanley Lupino (play)
Elizabeth Meehan
Starring Stanley Lupino
Claire Luce
Gina Malo
Sally Gray
Music by Harry Acres
Cinematography Otto Kanturek
Edited by Flora Newton
Distributed by Associated British Picture Corporation
Release dates
17 August 1937
Running time
78 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Over She Goes is a 1938 British musical comedy film directed by Graham Cutts and starring Stanley Lupino, Claire Luce, Laddie Cliff, Gina Malo and Max Baer. It was based on a successful London stage play by Lupino. The screenplay concerns a music hall performer (John Wood) who inherits an English title and estate, and invites his friends to stay with him where they are targeted by avaricous woman hoping for a rich marriage.[1]



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