Not to be confused with Yoshiwara.

Oshiwara is a neighbourhood in northern Mumbai, India near Lokhandwala Complex. The name of this neighbourhood was derived from the Oshiwara River. Located between the western sides of Goregaon and Jogeshwari, it has a large number of industrial estates. A railway station is being built at Oshiwara to cater to the Western Line of Mumbai Suburban Railway. The work has picked up pace with the tracks already being placed and the island platform complete up to the formation level. This station is being built in order to cater to extended Andheri and Lokhandwala areas of the western suburbs.[1] This neighbourhood is also known for the antique and second hand furniture market located here.[2]

The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport undertaking operates a bus depot at Oshiwara.[3]



Raj Rani School



Oshiwara is burdened with illegal encroachment of land. Many illegal foundries, industrial estate and old furniture shops have come up around the river. New structures are continuously coming up which dumps waste in Oshiwara river or as locals call it ‘nullah’ without taking any precautions. Dumping of waste in this way may lead to choking of outlets of river which may lead to flooding during monsoon.[4]


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