Oscar love curse

The Oscar love curse or Oscar curse is a superstition that the woman who wins the Academy Award for Best Actress will have her boyfriend or husband cheat on her or divorce her soon after.[1][2][3][4] It has also been applied to the Best Supporting Actress.

In their paper published in Organization Science, Michael Jensen and Heeyon Kim use the "Oscar Curse" to examine the negative consequences of upward mobility following a sudden positive status shift. With an empirical study, the authors find "Oscar nominations/wins have positive professional consequences for male and female actors but more enduring negative personal consequences for female actors, thus emphasizing an important conundrum for female actors: Oscar nominations/wins can help a career but can also ruin a marriage."[5]


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Some actresses have managed to "break" the curse. On even rarer occasions, actresses (e.g., Maggie Smith) both experience and break the curse.

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  1. The 30th Academy Awards were held on March 26, 1958.
  2. The 1962 annulment of Loren and Ponti's marriage was for legal, rather than personal reasons. Loren and Ponti were later legitimately married on April 9, 1966.


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