Oratorio di San Protaso

Oratorio di San Protaso (Oratori de San Protas in Lombard) is a church in via Lorenteggio, Milan, Italy.


The Oratorio was built around the year 1000 AD, in the area that is now the Milan suburb of Lorenteggio, as a little church for the peasants. It was under the Basilica di San Vittore al Corpo, who provided a priest for the Mass.

A Milanese legend maintains that the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa, during a siege of Milan, had prayed in this oratory.

In the XVII century control of the church was taken over by the Olivetans.

The urban expansion of Milan endangered the church, but local citizens achieved the conservation of the structure.

Today, it opens for the Festa del Lorenteggio, the first Sunday of May and the last of November.

Coordinates: 45°27′16″N 9°09′00″E / 45.45444°N 9.15000°E / 45.45444; 9.15000

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