Omniview technology

Input images of the omniview system
A common output interface of the omniview system

Omniview technology (also known as "surround view" or "bird view technology") is a vehicle parking assistant technology that became available in vehicle electronic products since around 2005. It is designed to help drivers in parking a vehicle in small space.


Early vehicle parking assistant products use radar or a single rear-view camera to get information about obstacles around, and provide drivers with sound alarm or rear-view video. There are some drawbacks about such products: the alarm is not intuitive, and the rear-view camera has blind area. However, omniview technology overcomes these problems and has seen increasing applications since about 2005.

In a common omniview system, there are four wide-field cameras: one in the front of the vehicle, one in the back of the vehicle, one in the left rear view mirror, and one in the right outside mirror. The four cameras cover the whole area around vehicle. The system synthesizes a bird view image in front of the vehicle by distortion correction, projection transformation, and image fusion. The images shown below are input and output of a common omniview product.

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