Oman women's national football team

Association Oman Football Association
Confederation AFC (Asia)
Sub-confederation WAFF (West Asia)
First colours
Second colours

The Oman women's national football team, represents Oman in international women's association football and is governed by Oman Football Association (OFA). The team has not played any official match so far.


The national federation became a FIFA affiliate in 1980.[1] The development of women's football in the Middle East and central Asia dates back only about ten years.[2]


In 1985, almost no country in the world had a women's national football team[3] and the team has yet to play in a FIFA recognised match.[4] The team has therefore never been ranked by FIFA.[5]

The country's kit colours are red and white shirts, red shorts, and red socks.[1]

Other national teams


In 2006, a team representing the country, Baroucher, played in the Women's Sevens Tournament in Abu Dhabi. The tournament was a seven-a-side one and they were in Group A, where they finished last overall. On 21 February, they lost 1–5 to Abu Dhabi. On 23 February, they lost 2–3 to a team from Jordan. On 24 February, they lost 0–3 to Iraq. On 25 February, they lost to Syria 0–9. In group play, they had a total of 3 goals for and 20 against.[6][7]

Five A Side

In 2006, Oman hosted and played in a 5-a-side women's championship. Other countries participating in the tournament included Pakistan, Bahrain, Syria, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Afghanistan.[8]


A club team representing the country participated in the fifth Amman Arab Women's Futsal Championships in Jordan.[2]


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