Oma maa

Oma maa
Cantata by Jean Sibelius

The composer in 1918
English Our Native Land
Catalogue Op. 92
Language Finnish
Based on Poem
by Kallio
Composed 1918 (1918)

Oma maa (My Own Land or Our Native Land, literally: Own land/country), Op. 92, is a cantata by Jean Sibelius. He composed the work on a Finnish text, a poem by Kallio which he chose himself, for mixed chorus and orchestra, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the National Chorus. Sibelius completed the cantata on 18 March 1918. Armas Maasalo conducted the first performance.[1]

The piece was written at a time when the Red Guards, supporting the Russian administration of Finland, were losing their influence. Sibelius had been invited by the director of the national choir of Finland to contribute something for a concert celebrating the tenth anniversary of the choir's establishment.[2]



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