Oidium (genus)

Spores of the Oidium anamorph of Microsphaera penicillata
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Ascomycetes
Order: Erysiphales
Family: Erysiphaceae
Genus: Oidium
Link (1824)
Type species
Oidium monilioides
(Nees) Link (1824)
  • Oidium Link (1809)
  • Acrosporium Nees (1816)
  • Oideum Ehrenb. (1818)
  • Oospora Wallr. (1833)
  • Amphiblistrum Corda (1837)
  • Oidium Sacc. (1880)
  • Toruloidea Sumst. (1913)
  • Euoidium Y.S.Paul & J.N.Kapoor (1986)
  • Pseudoidium Y.S.Paul & J.N.Kapoor (1986)

Oidium is a genus of Deuteromycetes, where traditionally most anamorphs of the order Erysiphales are included. Most of them are plant pathogens causing different forms of powdery mildew, for example:

Oidium albicans has been a parallel name of the yeast Candida albicans (not related to the powdery mildew).

Some other species of medical importance previously classified as Oidium include:


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