Ó Mathúna

Armorial of O'Mahony
Country Kingdom of Desmond
Parent house Eóganachta
Founder Mathgamain mac Cian

O'Mahony (Old Irish: Ó Mathghamhna; Modern Irish: Ó Mathúna) also spelled O'Mahoney, or simply Mahony and Mahoney, without the prefix, is an Irish Gaelic sept, and may refer to:

The O'Mahonys were Cenél nÁeda princes of the ancient Eóganacht Raithlind. They were also for a period kings of Munster and Desmond, and take their name from Mathgamain, son of Cian, son of Máel Muad mac Brain, King of Munster from around 960 to 970, and then again from 976 to 978. From 970 to 976 he was king of Desmond. His son Cian became a close ally of Brian Bóruma and married his daughter Sadb. From this marriage descend the O'Mahonys.

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