Not the End of the World (McCaughrean novel)

Not the End of the World

First edition (publ. OUP
Author Geraldine McCaughrean
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Published 2004 (Oxford University Press)
Media type Hardback
Pages 192
Awards Whitbread Children's Book Award
ISBN 978-0-192-71972-0
OCLC 57290716

This article is about Geraldine McCaughrean's young adult novel. For Christopher Brookmyre's crime novel, see Not the End of the World (Brookmyre novel); for Kate Atkinson's book of short stories, see Not the End of the World (short story collection)

Not the End of the World is a young adult novel by Geraldine McCaughrean. It retells the Biblical story of Noah's Ark. The main character is Noah's thirteen-year-old daughter, Timna. The story is also relayed from the points of view of the animals.[1] The novel was first published in 2004 and was the winner of the 2004 Whitbread Children's Book Award.[2]


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