Norwegian Authors' Union

Rådhusgata 7, Oslo serves as offices for the Norwegian Authors' Union, the Norwegian Critics' Association, the Norwegian Writers for Children and the Writers' Guild of Norway.

The Norwegian Authors' Union (Norwegian: Den norske Forfatterforening, DnF) is an association of Norwegian authors. It was established in 1893 to promote Norwegian literature and protect Norwegian authors' professional and economic interests. DnF also works in solidarity with persecuted writers internationally.[1]

As of 2004 the association had 513 members. The author Anne Oterholm has led the organization since March 2005.

Organization activities

The Norwegian Authors' Union Literary Council annually awards a number of government and independently established scholarships to both members and non-members. The Literary Council consists of nine members and provides counsel on all matters of literary art, in addition to decisions on awards. A number of famous Norwegian authors have been members of the Council.

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