North Point Estate

North Point Estate in 1989.

North Point Estate (Chinese: 北角邨) was a public housing estate at the harbour front of North Point, Hong Kong near North Point Ferry Pier and its bus terminus, approaching Victoria Harbour. It was the largest public housing estate in the Eastern District.[1] It was the second public housing estate built by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and enjoyed a reputation as one of the most impressive construction schemes in Asia and as a public housing estate in one of the most "luxurious" areas on Hong Kong Island.[2]


North Point Estate was developed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and completed in 1957. It comprised seven 11-storey blocks with a total of 1,956 flats.[3] Although North Point Estate was structurally safe, the Housing Authority decided to redevelop the estate due to increasing maintenance problems and costs. The estate was cleared in 2002 and demolished in 2003. Its tenants were rehoused to new units on the Oi Tung Estate at Aldrich Bay, Shau Kei Wan and Hing Wah Estate at Chai Wan.[4] After demolition, the east and central part of the site is now used as temporary open car parks and the rest is left vacant.[5] In 2007, the Housing Authority decided to return the site to the government for redevelopment.[6]


Coordinates: 22°17′35″N 114°12′01″E / 22.2930°N 114.2004°E / 22.2930; 114.2004

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